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Has anyone seen, or better yet used, the Tread Desk treadmill?

The space that I have to work with is pretty limited and it needs to also work as a pass through (the stairs to the finished attic originate in my new office.) The Tread Desk ( "Tread" at 58"x24" is the smallest motorized treadmill that I've found. The fact that it's supposedly designed for long term walking is also a plus. It's just that I haven't seen anyone's review on this except for the owner of the company (and I'm sure he'd admit that he's not unbiased.)

Not having arms shouldn't be a problem for me as I'm planning for a new desk in the new office anyway so I'll just go with a tallish standing desk.

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This looks pretty nice. You could ask for a demo unit with the promise of writing a review here. If they don't have any other press, this would be a good deal for them. They could link back to your review.

Let us know how it goes!
Not a bad idea but if I go with this I'll probably just do it at list price - a small business starting out needs all the income that they can get. I'm also investigating a couple of compact treadmills (the Smooth 4.25 and LifeSpan TR2000) but I'm still leaning toward the TreadDesk treadmill with a much less expensive standing height desk - I wouldn't be able to fit a chair in the room with the treadmill so the adjustable desk would be wasted on me.

Which ever setup I go with I'll let everyone know how it works.

BTW, I spoke with a sales rep from Smooth the other day and he seemed to be pretty up on the whole treadmill desk idea. When I suggested that they could save us all a lot of futzing around by offering desks designed to fit their treadmills he agreed and said that they are looking at the possibility.
Did you end up buying the Treaddesk? I am looking at it right now. Would like to hear from someone who actually has tried it. I'd be ordering it overseas, so I don't have the option of trying it out first.

- is it too narrow?
- does it seem like it will hold up over the long run? if so, it seems to be a very good value.
- any other thoughts? eg, how much do you use it per day, etc.
I'm still planning on it but we're still waiting on completing the office space before I get it. There's at least one person who has posted some of their experience:
Texas Lawyer Blog
It doesn't mention the TreadDesk by name but I was given this blog as a reference by Jerry Carr and TreadDesk when I asked about people using their setup.

The blogger at Build a Treadmill Desk is attempting to use the TreadDesk but the tread was damaged when it was delivered. He has been complimentary of Jerry's customer service.
Thanks for the links!
Kip, over at Build a Treadmill Desk has received his TreadDesk tread and seems very pleased with it.
I have been using one for about 3 months now. I like it.


How do you find the noise level? I know the website gives decibel readings but I'm more interested in your subjective take on it? In my office it will be located on a hardwood floor so any noise will tend to be amplified.
OK, I know it's gauche to reply to yourself but here's a video of Ross (though I thought she was saying Russ at first) that answers some of the questions:
Video clip of Ross at the TreadDesk
Sorry, but I do not visit this site very often. It is not very loud at all, especially at .8-1.0 mph, which are my typical speeds. I did eat a big Mexican food lunch a week or so ago and cranked it up to 1.5 for the rest of the day. Good news was that I burned it off and gained no weight. Bad news it was loud enough that a nearby co-worker described the noise as being like Chinese water torture.
I've bumped up my speed to 1.5 mph most of the time, and it is a bit louder. 2.0 was too loud for *me*.

Once I move into the office next month, I think I might start out at 1.5 and see if anyone complains. Hopefully, it won't be too bad and just become part of the white noise.

I've noticed more of an energy boost by walking a bit faster, so I hope I'll be able to keep it up.
Hi Ross, a few more questions:

I'm curious if you find it too narrow?

Also, from what you've seen so far, is it built to last a long time?

Is it difficult to walk all day?



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