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Has anyone seen, or better yet used, the Tread Desk treadmill?

The space that I have to work with is pretty limited and it needs to also work as a pass through (the stairs to the finished attic originate in my new office.) The Tread Desk ( "Tread" at 58"x24" is the smallest motorized treadmill that I've found. The fact that it's supposedly designed for long term walking is also a plus. It's just that I haven't seen anyone's review on this except for the owner of the company (and I'm sure he'd admit that he's not unbiased.)

Not having arms shouldn't be a problem for me as I'm planning for a new desk in the new office anyway so I'll just go with a tallish standing desk.

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Thanks for sharing this valuable info. Hope you heal up quickly and that the Treaddesk folks will take notice.
Just to be clear, I'm not blaming the design of the Treaddesk treadmill for my foot problems. I think I am a classic victim of 'overdoing it'. In hindsight, I think I was having some foot problems before I got the treadmill, but use of the treadmill really made them 'stand out'. (Pun intended)

I think it would be nice if the Treaddesk treadmill came with some option to cushion its 4 feet to add springiness, but this option couldn't be used with the 'treadmill embedded into the floor' feature that Treaddesk offers. My treadmill is not embedded into a raised floor, so I can add height to the feet of the treadmill without problems.
I've just started using the Treaddesk. I'm wondering though if others get low back pain from walking on a treadmill. I must be walking differently than I do normally.
One other problem I have is that I use the now defunct Fingerworks iGesture pad as a mouse. As soon as I turn on the treaddesk, the mouse becomes unusable. Any suggestions? Thank you
You might look at the various gaming controls.
I just got my Treaddesk up & running - the treadmill was fine out of the box, but the desk I had planned on using was too low which resulted in me walking slightly hunched over to reach the keyboard & mouse. So, I built a standing desk out of 2 x 4's, with a 50" tall desk surface (I'm a bit over 6' tall) & all is well.

The treadmill is built VERY well, much better than the Proform model I started with. It is fairly heavy at 80 lbs & could use a pair of caster wheels in the front (where all the weight is concentrated).

The motor is not very noisy - my footfalls are the loudest sound I hear.

Biggest issues I have now are the perceived need for a monitor arm & cordless keyboard & mouse to allow shifting from the standing desk to sitting desk. In a month or two, I may consider these items unnecessary... :-)
I am walking on my TreadDesk treadmill. I am pleased with it, although it isn't perfect.

The WalkStation tread is quieter and more cushioned. (I tested one out at one of their offices.) However, in addition to being rather expensive, it also only comes with their attached desks. And none of those worked for my particular arrangement. After struggling to find a way to do this anyway, I bumped in to the TreadDesk site. I also found a blog of someone already using the tread, which was very reasuring.

I find the tread most comfortable between 1 and 2 MPH. It is slightly noiser than I would like but not enough to present any issues. Put some music on, and it will blend. My husband said, when he was listening for it, that he could hear my footsteps, but that it would not be noticeable if he hadn't been listening for it. (It also depends on the headset you are using.)

The tread is designed to be, as someone mentioned, part of a built-up floor so that your chair can roll right on it. This also means that it has a harder surface. Definitely get yourself some good walking shoes. (Of course, that is advisable even if you use a different tread.)

The unit had some minor damage from shipping, and TreadDesk sent a replacement cover. It had a slight squeak that worked itself out after a week; that probably was a result of the same bump that damaged the cover. The company was very responsive and I can recommend their customer service.

I am relatively small, so I'm not sure how much my next comment is worth, but the tread seems plenty large enough.

I have limited space as well. I have a tray with my keyboard and mouse that I can take on or off the readmill easily and lean against the wall, and the treadmill folds up when done. I have my monitor mounted on the wall. So, this works pretty well with limited space, maybe I will post a picture of how I did this.
I just got mine, arrived today. I live in a very small house, and I was pleasantly surprised at the "smallness" of it. I'm walking at 0.8 mph and it's easy. Tomorrow will be a longer test, so I'll keep you posted. I converted my office to a standing office about two weeks ago in preparation of the treadmill, and my feet puffed up from static standing...the walking has already been an improvement on simple standing. More later.
I've been using this for three great days, and love it. The tread surface is completely unpadded and unforgiving, so good shoes are a must. I've used it over 8 hours, nearly continuously, and no apparent problems. The little control unit counts speed, distance, calories, and time, but if you go over 99 minutes it does get wacky (appears to start over again). I'm ranging between 0.5 (very slow) to about 1.5 mph, with 1 being a simple default. No issues yet.
The walking surface is PLENTY big, especially at these speeds. If you look at my set up, you can see that space is tight, and my cheap makeshift movable desk is designed to allow wheeling the desk over the tread if I need bookcase access.

See the photo on my page
I've been using a Treaddesk for over a year now. I also had some soreness in my feet and lower legs for the first month, but after getting a new pair of Nike's, and giving it a little time, I have gradually worked up to 5-6 miles each day. My leg muscles are toned and I have lost over 30 a result.
I know that I overdid it early on, but it's not hard to do unless you are already walking a lot every day. So,, I would suggest to everyone that starts walking at their desk to ease your way into it. I would imagine that most new Office Walkers will want to do the same, but use caution.
I have also noticed that I need to stay aware of how long I have had each pair of shoes. Unlike shoes that you usually wear outside, I tend to use one pair for walking in my office, so they do not look worn out, but by walking 30 miles a week, I am wearing out the padding quicker than I would with most other shoes.
Hmmm.... I wonder how many miles we should expect to put in before replacing shoes. Have you kept track of when you replace them? How do you decide?

I have a friend who was an Olympic runner and is now a VP at Asics. I'll try to find out.


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