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I'm still walkin' 6 months on, this is no gimmick. The trusty old treadmill I got from ebay for $70 has not had a rest, 6-7 days a week, averaging about 10-11 mile a day. Weight started dropping off too quickly at first but I just felt more comfortable walking that sitting so I decided to eat more rather than walk less.

Then I thought maybe I can get away with some treasured bad foods, including my favorite, arm buns' (big finger buns). But nope, not even 10 mile a day can cater for bad eating. So I slowly rose back up in weight. 

I've come to the conclusion that the only way I can stop my weight coming back on is counting calories again. Found a good site with lots of local foods in the database (myfitnesspal) and they have a good phone app. The weight's falling back off again.

So anyone who's struggling with weight loss check 'em out. I don't particularly like their web interface but the phone App is well done at least and even allows you to scan the product's bar code, so it's pretty unintrusive--the last thing you want is for tracking to be a chore.  I'm not part of their public community because I disagree with the type of motivation that gives. 

I also refuse to get too technical or involved with weight loss, simply wanting to keep it just about calories in and calories out. I don't track nutrients or eat any low-fat, low-gi, low whatever foods. I do no exercise apart from treadmill walking while I'm working.

What I've found with this myfitnesspal is after choosing that I wish to lose 2 pounds a week (which equates to eating 1000 less calories per day than you burn), I get an idea of how much walking I need to do meet that 1000 calorie deficit, even on a bad eating day. Somehow I'm not finding it hard to be motivated to meet this target, even if it means starting a 10 mile walk at 10pm like has happened a few times. I think that's the brilliance of officewalking--it makes the walk easy to justify knowing you're getting 4 more hours of work done as well.

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thanks for the heads up for myfitnesspal :P

the phone app is pretty easy and does not feel like a chore, and the barcode scan was a cool addition.

they always say that walking is the best way to lose weight without the pains of going to the gym and finding the time for it.

keep on treading on,


I really like that app and have used it in the past.

So far, though, I'm still losing weight even with bad eating habits from walking 6-10 miles per day. I'm sure there's a plateau at some point, though. Sounds like you've found it...

Best of luck! The simple formula is that calories in must be less than calories out, and you'll lose weight!


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