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Any web designers or app developers want to collaborate?

I'm slowly making a web app to make it a lot easier for me to track my treadmill desk workouts. A spreadsheet is a ton of work. The app will make it a lot easier: just input raw data any time you want, and it'll do the right thing with it.


A screenshot of the data I'm tracking manually that the app will handle, plus more:


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There's lots of existing apps that do that already. is pretty nice, IMOP. is nice, but it seems more targeted for athletes - runners, cyclists.  The data on the spreadsheet above is nice.  It includes what tracks, but also includes the average speed and average calories. doesn't have that, does it?  You also can't track incline on so the calories can't be calculated differently based on incline, which can be significant.  That's something that would make an app specifically for office walkers (or treadmill users) stand out.

Yes, I agree — lacks a few things that makes it easy to use for us. My spreadsheet / app calculates incline now too, along with a "Difficulty" rating that takes both speed and incline into account:


The white columns are what I entered, and the blue columns are calculated by the software.

Yeah, as Kelly notes, having an office walker-specific app would really make this movement stand out!


I'd pay for such an app.  I hope you'll let us know when it's ready!  I'd be happy to promote it "passively," too, on the handful of websites I own....

Thanks for the feedback. You can see the rough table output of the data I've entered and the information calculated by the software. 


My vision is, the final app will be two parts:

(1) A very simple input screen for typing what the treadmill shows after a session: distance, time, and calories if you have it. The screen will also have a spot to enter in your current weight if you want to. So just one big simple screen with four input fields, tops. And any of them can be left blank. (The more information you provide, though, the more interesting graphs that can be generated.)

The app will then simply "do the right thing"; add a record in the database with whatever info you've given it.

(2) A report screen with tables like the one above, plus graphs and charts. E.g., graphing weight vs. cumulative miles walked.

That's exactly right, Rob!


You could set up a healthy lifestyle kind of website that has all kinds of information on work-walking/office-walking and "mildly monetize" it with affiliate links, in addition to, say, a one-time fee of five bucks or even just a dollar for your time.  Or you could use a donation model (probably better).  The key is that you have an intuitive, simple, very useful app!


Hint: Try to make it look as less like a spreadsheet as possible.  By which I mean, not that you don't have data, but that the look & feel has to be bright, colorful, with rounded joke!  The numbers have got to have personality...they can't just be numbers in rows upon rows and columns...remember, your app/widget and the website it's hosted on should not only preach to the choir (us here) but serve as an ambassador for the community/movement!  It should promote the image that we're free-thinkers here, not gearheads who like tinkering with stuff "just because" (no disrespect to the techies amongst us, of course)....


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