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Feet and legs are fine but after about a 4 hour continuous stint I'm finding my shoulders are dead. In fact the pain makes me stop and do something else for an hour or two.

I'm thinking it's from the slight yet continual pressure I exert on the keyboard pad for stabilization when typing. It's quite possibly just muscle fatigue but maybe I'm wrong?




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Keyboard height (and angle) might make a difference.  I found a range of only about 2 inches between too low and too high.



FWIW, I had discomfort in the hips but found a slower speed to cure it.  (Still haven't figured out how to walk at ~3 mph without such issues, though!)

I propped the keyboard up another 2 inches and I think it's a lot better thanks LTH.


3mph is pretty quick -- I can only do that sort of speed when I'm reading and not touching the keyboard/mouse.




That's what folks say, but having been in Army infantry, I'm used to the "quick march!"


Actually, I'd like to walk at the top speed of, what, 4 mph or so, but that's when I'll have trouble typing.  At 3 mph or so, the only problem is that my hips start getting mild aches after a few minutes.  Glad to see you've improved your situation, though!

I used to get right shoulder pain regardless of sitting or walking until I switched from regular mouse to trackball.  Just a thought.


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