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Are there other topless (deck only) treadmills besides Treaddesk?

Hi everyone!

I love my standing desk (IKEA Utby) and all I need is a "deck only" treadmill to complete my treadmill desk.

Aside from Treaddesk, are there other companies that make deck only treadmills?  Or are there popular regular treadmills that can easily be turned into a deck only treadmill (by taking off the arms supporting the control panel)?

I've talked to Signature and their very helpful customer service folks told me they won't sell their treadmills apart from their desk.

Why not just get a Treaddesk you ask?  Well, they are on back order until May.  Plus, according to the reviews of fellow Office Walkers, the Treaddesks only have a 2 HP motor (don't know if it is continuous duty or not) and provides 0 cushioning for your feet.

Thanks in any advance for any help you can provide!


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Hi, I also need a "deck only" treadmill, but the only one I can find is Treaddesk...good to know they are on back order til May.
I guess I will go with it, and if another shows up I would still like to know.
On this forum and others I've seen where people have removed the console, or the uprights and the console in order to place the deskop work surface at proper height, keep the full length of the tread available and generally make the resulting package less bulky. Typically the console ends up on the desk top, on a shelf under the desk top mounted hanging off the side or in one case simply laid on the floor near by.

I'd be interested in hearing what folks have to say about treadmills that will function OK with out having the uprights and console assembled as designed. For example, I know there are some treadmills where the console goes up when the tread is inclined and others where the tread inclines indepentently - how does that affect the possibiliy of dissasembling the uprights/console? I'd think the treads with a manual incline that "hang" from the uprights would not work but what about others? Also, would folding vs non-folding impact this?

I'm not in a position to go out and buy a new treadmill to "disassemble" but I'd be willing to risk a few hundred dollars on a used treadmill if I had at least some level of comfort that my experiment would be successful.

I believe the Steelecase one also comes this way.
Yeah but I think someone said in another thread that they don't sell the treadmill by itself, either, just like how Signature doesn't as well.

I don't know why these people won't sell the treadmill separately; seems like they're just throwing away good business!
Seriously! I spent a good 10 minutes trying to convince folks at Signature and Smooth that they will make a killing if they put out a deck-only treadmill as well. They politely declined.

@Goody2shoes - SFA is right. I called them and they do not offer the treadmill on its own. =(
It's incredibly easy. I just bought a Horizon Treadmill on Amazon ( ) and didn't put it together!
Ok, I put the back feet on the tread deck and plugged in the cable to the console. I later got fancy and unscrewed the control section from the huge panel. Took about a minute.

Works great and has incline, which I don't think the Treaddesk model has. See my pictures. I do have to be careful with the incline. If I go above 6%, it starts to lift my desk off the floor :)

Also, here's the assembly manual:
I just did step 1 and 4 and skipped steps 2 & 3 (other than connecting the cable in step 3E).
Very easy!
Thank you! This is exactly the type of recommendation I was looking for. AND it is cheaper than the Treaddesk. Awesome. =)
Is the Horizon treadmill quiet? This is exactly what I was thinking of doing....great minds think alike!!!

Hi David,

I'm new to the forum and I found your write-up here by doing a search.  I was discretely trying to put a tread only in my office without anyone knowing it.  Most of the time nobody comes in my office and I wanted to have this freedom to walk and work without having to really explain it to people.  I needed a good idea for something discreet where I can put it out of the way when I'm either not in my office (have a small office) or when I want to just sit.  I had a few questions in relation to the particular treadmill (Horizon fitness) that you used. 


I was astounded and amused how you found a treadmill that you didn't have to put together and you used it as is.  I took a look at the instruction manual link you left there and studied steps that you said you did and seen which ones you skipped.  I had some questions and wanted you opinion on what I was thinking of doing.  Where did you put the display as you walked?  Is the cord long enough where the dashboard can be either hung on the wall or somehow discretely putting it somewhere pertinent to be able to use it? 


Also, I noted that this treadmill is a fold-up kind so does it have the ability to be folded up without the skipped steps.  I'm trying to determine before I buy this whether I can fold it up out of the way.  I work in a situation where no one would know that I have it.  I have really had issues sitting for long periods - it affects me in a negative way.  My last question concerning the treadmill is from looking at this model and pricing of it, it's actually more expensive than the upgrade model and wondered if you thought the upgraded model would be able to do the say as this model you brought.  If I don't put the exact name here now - I will send this off to you and come back and try to put the instruction manual and the Treadmill title - it's the same as this one, but I think the improved model has more horsepower, but cheaper, which doesn't make sense.  I think I saw this one for near $400 and the model you speak of for $500.  I don't have that kind of money--wish I had a sponsor or a rich uncle, one or the two.  One thing I know is that I am going to get this weight off once and for all.  I hope to hear your thoughts on this.  In final, I thought of using this  treadmill you speak of (the tread part with the Kangaroo desk which is a freestanding piece that sits on your sitdown desk, is not attached to anything and you can put your monitor on it, keyboard and mouse and when you want to stand, you just put it up and it adjusts to your height.  Pretty neat, but very expensive.


Thanks for listening and your idea was pretty much the best I've heard for what I was looking for!


Anonymous person,


I found your points helpful.  I'm trying to go through craigslist and see what's available in my area, and what it seems to come down to is I want a used treadmill for something under $300, but it has to lend itself to removing the top part.  I had a chance perhaps to buy this:

A "space saver" type, a Healthrider S150 Softrider, and although it looks like a decent unit, I am concerned that I won't be able to remove the top part readily.

So, what would seem valuable is if we generally could put together a list of models, both used and new, where buyers report that they have been able to successfully remove the top part of the treadmill, thus facilitating building pretty much any kind of desk.

I guess if there is a second list of models that can retain the top part but nicely lend themselves to laying a board of some sort across, that might be valuable too.



I got the AirDesk, which is a stand almost like the kind used to hold sheet music, but more rugged and sturdier. It works for me in lieu of a desk, for which I don't have the space in my apartment.

Unless you truly need a real full-fledged desk, I'd recommend the AirDesk. If, however, you must insist on a desk, there's always the TrekDesk, which seems to work beautifully with treadmills that have consoles.

BTW, I'm not sure if cushioning is very important. There's a whole movement is runners' and joggers' circles for running "flat," without cushioning, that claims that cushioning, particularly of the heel, has been the bane for many who experience mysterious aches and pains.
I thought about the Airdesk but decided to use double track shelving attached to the wall. Nice and solid and plenty adjustable for me.


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