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Birthdays Tomorrow



I'm thinking about building my own desk out of wood.  I've done that a few times before.  I'm just having trouble figuring out what to do about the desktop height.

Sitting at my desk, the height is 29".

When I stand, the point on my body that touched the desktop is now 15" higher.

So, the desktop needs to be at least 44" tall.

But, this doesn't take into account the height of the treadmill deck.  So, it seems like I need to find a treadmill before I build the desk.

And then, finally, another issue is incline.  Do people use incline?  If so, how much does that add to the height?

I was seriously considering the GeekDesk, but it only goes up to 49".  I've been reading that some treadmill decks are 7-8" tall.  At 7", my desktop would need to be 51" high.  So the GeekDesk would be too short.

I know I'm rambling, but this is my current thought process.  I would appreciate it if someone could help me eliminate some unknowns.



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If you can afford the GeekDesk, then do it. Don't bother building your own. And I'm a builder. The reason is that unless you have adjustable height monitor(s), there are times that you want to sit down. You won't be able to adjust the height with your home made desk. By the time you make your home made adjustable, it would have cost you more time and money and the result less desireable than a GeekDesk. If your monitor is too low, you can always raise it with reams of paper or whatever you can find. I doubt if that is going to be a problem though. As long as you have adjustable desk like GeekDesk, you're golden.


Forget about the incline. This is neither a workout nor a race for speed and distance. The biggest enemy is the sitting as it shuts down your lipoprotein lipase. If you stand up most of the time you will feel great even without the walking. A few miles a day is icing on the cake. No need to kill yourself. Of course, if you want to walk more, you can always do that. My advice is to get the GeekDesk first and you can start standing while looking for the cheap treadmill to use it with. Good luck.

Thanks for the info.  Exactly the advice I needed.

Jon , I bought a Geekdesk a couple of months ago. I procrastinated for several years because of the height limitation.

I bought some of these

and they are perfect ! The GD feet fit right in the recessed area on the wood blocks. Gives about another 3 inches to the vertical.

My desktop is about 1 inch also. 

My treadmill raises me off the ground about 7 inches . I'm 6'1" so 52-53 inches height seems to be the right height

Also GD is coming out with some Casters that will give 2 inches to the height , but don't know when that will happen.

The GD is really awesome. ! I did the V2 model and provided my own desktop.

If you can swing the price , I think you will be happy !

Mark, thanks for the confirmation. I don't own a GD myself, but I know that adjustability is the key issue. Simply because it's a multi use. Sometimes you want to walk. Sometimes you want to sit down. A fixed height desk is always at disadvantage. Or you can be off by an inch on the home built and then what? Do more work for one lousy inch? And if you're like Ted Cowan who pushes the machine to the limit and your tread quits on you, you can just remove it and lower your desk for a stand up while you try to revive your tread. Great idea on the casters. A raised platform on top of the desk would work also. Lowe's has melamine boards 3 and 4 ft length with 16" width. I use the 3 ft length for my stand up.

Just checked the height of the desktop. Seems my memory is not the sharpest.

The desktop is 51 5/8 "  from the floor with the risers underneath.

It seems to be a nice height for me.

If I need more vertical I can either stack another set of risers , add casters , or put some wood under the desktop. Doubt I will need it though !

Hey Jon,

You might want to check out the Anthro Elevate:

I am using one of theirs and they can be adjusted up pretty high.  I just checked mine, and it goes up to about 53" high.  From what I remember, they were pretty spendy, but if you have the money, this is definitely the way to go.

Depending on how you work, you will likely want to have something to sit down with too.


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