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I noticed this product mentioned in an article:

I don't know anything about the product or company and the price for this desk is $8K (USD).  Thus pretty expensive.  

What this may signal is a trend where other companies may start making this and at a more reasonable price.  

This is more of a sitting vs. standing device (I think the standing is usually preferable).  In some ways it is almost like some exercise bikes that I have seen a fitness clubs where you sit.  

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I started using a Deskcycle which works pretty well at only $160.

Not sure how anyone could possibly concentrate on work while trying to move their legs on a desk treadmill or elliptical.

Also one of the problems with underdesk cycles and elipticals is that they often will cause you to hit your knees under your desk unless your desk is pretty high. i'm only 5' 3", but had to be careful not to whack my knees. simple elliptical like better for me, although I find I pedal faster than i expected to when not thinking about it. 


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