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Exercise ball as chair on top of tread desk?

Hi all, I am brand new to this. Got an adjustable desk about 6 months ago and have liked standing much more than sitting. Now I've had my tread desk for about a week and I love it so far. I don't have a wide space though and can't fit a chair next to my treadmill. The ''move" stool that sells is $450 which seems way too much. So I was thinking of getting an exercise ball and using that on top of the treadmill when I needed to sit down. Has anyone else tried that? Or any other suggestions for cheaper options for chairs that will fit on top of the treaddesk w/o damaging it?

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Whatever you like and works for you. Personally, I don't like the ball chair thing. I think it's a gimmick, but it works for some. I just put down cardboard to protect the belt and use my wooden stool. I don't see any sign of damage to the belt. So it works fine.

Thanks!  What do you call the seat you put on top of the stool? I wanted to see where I could get one.

That's my Gelco seat. I originally bought it for a long plane trip to Asia. I thought I was ripped off at $60 a pop as I didn't think it did anything for me on the plane. But since my computer chair at home has little padding, I started using it and absolutely fell in love with it. It works great on any hard surface and gives support to soft surface. Now I think it's the best seating cushion and a "must have" item. A far cry from feeling that I was ripped off. Amazon seems to have different versions. It's foldable and you can take it anywhere with you.

Gelco seat

FYI, Jerry Carr from TreadDesk wrote me back and said:

Our Move Stool is the best option for sitting on the Tread, but I do know it is rather costly. There are plenty of other 4 legged stools and chairs that will also do the trick, just make sure that the width of the legs at the bottom do not exceed 24".
We do have a few customers that use the yoga balls and we have tried them ourselves, but found them a bit awkward to use - its very difficult to twist and turn when sitting on top of the ball, so if you have to turn around to reach anything you have to get up in order to do that.

I think he meant well, but I'd rather cobble up something together. The wooden stool from Malaysia sold at Wally for less than $20. Cardboard box is free and replaceable. The Gelco seat is adoreable. LOL.


P.S. If I was ambitious, I'd just modify the legs of the wooden stool. Put felt on it or glue some square pieces of wood to it to make larger surface and put felt on them. For $20, I can afford to ruin it for good cause.

Thanks for asking great question. I've just found these self sticking felt pads I can use on my wooden stool. I don't need to cut wood or do anything crazy. I don't even neeed to go to the store. Just order these online and I can get rid of my cardboard for $3 and 50 cents. These will protect my treadmill belt.


self sticking felt pads

Alright, my 1 1/2" felt pads came in the mail today. It took 5 seconds, maybe 10 to put them on. No more cardboard box for me, LOL. It looks a lot better and I wouldn't think of spending $475 for some fancy adjustable chair. No need to. Now my Malaysian wooden stool can sit on top of the Confidence with no problem.

Thanks for this advice! I got a $40 stool at Bed Bath and Beyond (Innobella 24 in folding counter stool) and then took your suggestion of the felt pads on the bottom.  See fotos.


How do you get the pictures to appear as opposed to just being a link?

When you do a reply, at the top of the box where you're typing in, the 1st icon is LINK then the next icon is Image. Click on that will open a dialog where you can choose pic from your machine.


I've used one of those plastic chairs with an exercise ball lodged in it to make the seat for years, and I can sit at the computer for hours on it.  My step-daughter, a massage therapist, says I don't get tired because the back muscles are continually making micro-movements to keep balanced.

Sitting on a ball alone, though, is much trickier.

My chair:


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