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Hi all,

I would like your advice. I am a student living on a budget and with very little free space. I am very interested in replacing my current desk set-up with a walkstation. However, I am somewhat weary about the realities of using a walkstation as an office replacement, rather then a supplement.

I am very interested in your experiences:

1. Can you use the walk station for a full work day?
2. Do you not find yourself getting tired?
3. Are there some things better done sitting?
4. What downside might there be that I will only realize once I make the switch?

Lots of thanks,

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So... no replies?
Hi - so, I've only had a treadmill desk for 1.5 weeks, and they were pretty light workweeks so I can't say that I have a definitive answer for you, but here's my experience.
1. Yes
2. Not tired, but I think some muscles are working differently so I've had some lower back and upper back (traps) pain - just need to work the ergonomics out. I found that doing some toe touches throughout the day and taking longer steps helped the low back pain.
3. Not that are work related. I suppose if you have to draw you might want to do it sitting. I edit - so it's a mix of typing and paper/pen work - it all works well. The first day or two you'll want to get used to walking while working during some not so intense work but I found that my concentration is actually better while walking - I'm not so easily distracted.
4. So far, for me, none, but then I've only been doing this a very short time!

Good luck.
Great answers. Thanks!

What about the rest - similar experiences?

I've had a treadmill desk for about six weeks now. I use it after work (haven't been able to convince my notoriously stingy management that it's a good investment).

I use it for 1-2 hours in the evening & 2-3 hours per day over the weekend. I walk at about 1 mph. I get noticeably warmer while using it, &, by the end of a 3 hr stint I'm ready for a rest. An hour later or so I'm good & stiff. But I sleep well & am good to go the next day, so I'm attributing the aches & pains to lack of conditioning.

At 1 mph, I find my typing proficiency decreased & I have to concentrate to perform complex keyboard/mouse maneuvers. My body tends to move around a lot as I walk & my desk height is set for the monitor, not the keyboard, so that could use some work.

On the whole I think this is a good experience - I've dedicated a minimum of 12 months to it & I'll post more from time to time.
I have a setup here that allows me to sit, stand or walk. But when I went home to my parents for 5 weeks I didn't want to go back to sitting all day. I pre-ordered the cheapest motorized treadmill i could find, and the first weekend back I put the treadmill together, dismantlatle my old desk, and used the top to make a standing desk. As a note, the desk was very simple; I screwed a 2x4 into the wall as a shelf for the backend of the desktop, and just made two long 2x4 legs for the front. As I already had the desktop it cost less than $10.
Anyway, my tiny room is now filled with one treadmill desk. I was worried about not having the option to sit down, but for the most part I was fine 8 hours aday. I cruise mostly at 2mph, and actually find walking easier than standing. However, I must stop to do anything very intricate, like drawing images or studying a complicated problem. (keep in mind that I didn't start at 8 hours aday but built up to it gradually. Soreness faded after a week or so).
I also though came up with a soltuion that allows me to sit at the desk too. I used a cheap drafting/bar chair, and just placed a board on top of the treadmill to protect it. Not ideal by a long shot, but works just fine. Make sure if you get a cheap draft chair to use the casters and not the wheels!
Lots of info - Thanks!

Is the cheap treadmill sufficient? Does it handle the slow speed of 2mph for extended times? Is it noisy?
1. Yes, but not right now. I've kicked up the intensity of my morning workout (now P90X) so don't start walking until 10 am to give myself some time to recover. But I do walk until 5 or 6 pm and was walking all day before.

2. By the end of the day I am tired. Start off easy and work your way up to a full day and get a good pair of shoes (I was walking all day but my bad shoes made me miserable by the end of the day)

3. I've had some drawing and document editing that needed to be done sitting. And if I have to visit a client (which is rare) I miss my workstation.

4. The downside is that I don't ever want to be a desk jockey again and it might not be easy to find another programming job where they will let me setup my workstation like this (I work from home now).


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