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FitBit: what a cool way to track progress

Hi everyone. About two weeks ago I got a Fitbit. This is a $99 pedometer on steroids. The website is and i got mine on amazon. I admit to being a gadget person. But I promise, I have double my steps since getting this thing. Now my wife and fatherinlaw have one and we are all tracking our progress.

Background: I met a guy about here weeks ago and he had been using one for over a year. He lost 50 big ones by the way. Anyway, the thing tracks his steps and every time he walks by his computer it uploads his activity and posts it on his PC. So he can see a monthly or yearly chart of his steps and see the trends, up and down. That was impressive to me. My treadmill does not keep a running log over time, and I want to be able to keep track of steps on and off the treadmill.

So Fitbit is this little doodad which hangs on your belt or even bra. You press a button and it shows how many steps and stairs you have climbed throughout the day. You can even sleep with it and it shows you the quality of your sleep and how many times you woke up. It needs charging every few days. Now, I have a goal of 15,000 steps which is about 7 miles or so. Really great way to keep track and be competitive with yourself. Love it.

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Ooh, I just got a fitbit earlier this week. There is a learning curve, but I think in a week or so I'll get it squared away. The forum on the fitbit website is not the best, but it's interesting to read other peoples' stories. If you want to be fitbit friends, I am pidgeon92.


also ordered my fitbit via amazon, hearing so much good things so had to join in :P

so i guess you calibrated your step and works fine on the treadmill?

any other tips to know about...


It works fine on the treadmill. My wife and I have been wearing them everyday since late Feb. still avid users and we both check our progress several times a day. 22,000 steps yesterday. We find ourselves with a completely different attitude about walking now. Having to go out of our way a bit is now a Fitbit opportunity. With the weather better, more of my steps are coming from actually walking outdoors. One other thing were were told. Walking after eating improves digestion. We are walking routinely after most meals now. We've lost ver 100 pounds between us.

As for using the Fitbit, just remember to wear it. Have fun counting!

My company bought one of these for every employee who wanted one, with the only caviat being we had to meet a certain number of steps within a year or we had to pay a subsidized price. I have to be honest, I haven't used mine as much as I could have as I forgot to take it on most of my business trips, but I will keep it on the tread desk for a better idea and auto tracking of the steps I take on the treadmill. Its a pretty ingenious device.


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