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I have been reading through the blogs and feel really inspired about how good everyone feels physically by using the treadmill desks and it seems like people enjoyed the challenge of getting a good setup together (the new-toy aspect of it appeals to me too!). But to be perfectly honest, while I am looking forward to the overall health benefits but the main thing for me is that I want to lose some weight!!!
I have not really seen a whole heck of a lot of posts about actual weight loss. I would like to hear from those of you who have and have not lost weight. Anyone willing to share the ups and downs?

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I started walking in october and have traveled 361 miles. I didn't start loosing any weight until the beginning of the year since I increased my (bad) food intake, but my weight stabilized. At the beginning of the year I started to seriously diet and add some cardio and strength training and now I'm down 20 lbs. Even before adding the extra exercise I started to loose weight.

Just finished a race with a few fellow office walkers and Jeff said he lost 7 lbs since we began the race 1/1.
It has been my experience over the past 2 1/2 months, that it is nothing magical. I have been following the weight watchers plan since October. I was doing pretty good losing weight on the plan. Then I started treadmillin'. Wow, when I stayed on the WW plan with the walking I dropped several pounds a week. The past month I have ignored the WW plan but maintained the walking. Now I am averaging a pound a week. Can you imagine after a year?

The bottom line is that adding exercise to your DAILY routine will help. And that is what the 'mill has done, allowed me to maintain a DAILY routine. Not a hit and miss, exercise sometimes routine.

Go for it!
Been walking and watching what I eat. Someone on here recommended the Daily Plate and I love it. (Free and has all the foods in the world.) I have lost 6 lbs since 1/31. Have walked 140 miles. I recommend it. Just walking while surfing and working on the puter has made a world of difference to me. My goal is 20 lbs by 4/13.

Good luck!
Thanks for your quick replies Robert, Jeff and Kathleen! You all have really had amazing results, I hope that I can do half as well as you walking warriors! I am getting so psyched about this. I work from home and right now my biggest obstacle is figuring out how to fit this into my little workspace. What I think that I need to do is get rid of my sit-down desk altogether in order to make room - which means I have to fully commit right off the bat... Scary, but exciting too. If I can get my weight down and get healthy again it will be more than worth it. Thanks for the inspiration!
i also ended up dumping my regular desk. I have a small table for face to face meetings and spreading out documents when needed. But the computer lives on the iPlod (as I call it).
I am soooo stealing that name "iPlod" - I love it!!!!
Just thought I would update you. It is definitely working.

So far, not only do I stay awake better while working! :) But, I have also lost 13 lbs since 1/31. And, believe me, I EAT. I have logged 397 miles so far. Started getting brave and added inclines of 5% and 10% in March. Of course, that made me add a fan!

Unfortunately, I think I am going to miss my goal of 20 lbs by 4/13. But, I will get there before shorts & swimsuit season!

Hope it is going well Toscha!

Your last post on losing weight with a treadmill desk was on March 22, 2009. I was wondering if you met your weight loss goal. I am also wondering how many hours you walk per day. I work about 6 hours on my computer and want to lose some weight and would appreciate any advice you can offer.


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