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Help -- knocking sound from Confidence power pro treadmill

EDIT 29 March, 2015:

Wouldn't you know it, I think I solved my own problem. I completely loosened the belt, cleaned the surface underneath thoroughly. When I retightened the belt I took off the protective plastic end covers so I could actually see what was happening when I turned the big allen bolts. I made sure to get the belt as straight as possible and to have equal tension on both sides. The belt was straight before, but I have no idea if the tension was all out of whack after a couple of years of small adjustments.

Been walking for two days now with no knocking! Just posting the solution in case anyone else has a similar problem.



*********** original post **********

Hi Office Walkers!

Hoping to get some help here diagnosing/fixing an annoying noise problem with my Confidence Power Pro.

I've had it for over 2 years now, and it's still basically running fine. But even from the beginning, it would sometimes make knocking sound while I'm using it. Normally if I just keep walking, it eventually stops. But now I am working late at night while everyone else is asleep, and the knocking sound is too loud for me to do that without disturbing the household. Sometimes it stops fairly quickly, but sometimes it goes on and on and I end up having to SIT which I absolutely can't stand anymore (nor can my back).

It seems to be coming from somewhere underneath the belt, not from the motor part. Sometimes it doesn't knock at all for a couple of days, and sometimes it is a lot worse. Otherewise it's working just as well as from the beginning.

Any of you technical types have an idea of what I can do to fix this? I have kept it cleaned, lubed, and periodically adjust the belt as advised in the manual to keep it straight. I could even post a sound file of the sound if it would help.

Many thanks in advance,


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Thanks for sharing your experience!


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