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I've decided to commit myself to getting one of these treadmill-desk setups so I can do at least part of my online reading/browsing/other reading etc on one, ASAP. I'm doing research at this stage.

My motivation is that about 6 months ago I suffered strange, not properly diagnosed health problems, where all the circulation in my legs seized up and they swelled up, also the joints went strange. The doctor directed me to walk and I did so, in fact if I spent all day walking the circulation and swelling would improve/even go away but as soon as I sat down for more than about 10mins it would all come back! I had to quit my [IT developer] job due to the health problems so then I just went and walked outside all day every day and I was cured of this problem. During my short time at the computer each day I downloaded a lot of podcasts (so I had something to listen to during the endless hours roaming all the nearby suburbs and parks) including the many ones about the actual scientific health research that sitting indeed is Bad For You, not just because it means you aren't burning calories/exercising, but sitting itself being bad for you.

But of course you can't run your whole lifestyle walking outside for 5 hours a day every day, and I never want this to happen again! I elected to return to university this year, (which starts in about a month) which means I'll be having to spend a lot more time reading anyway, and one subject is being done totally online, with a lot of online readings etc.

A few days ago I dumped my computer on some old boxes and cardboard to make a 'standing desk' and even this is an improvement. My legs no longer feel weird and I feel more energetic. It took only a few hours to get used to. And I bet slow walking while working actually increases productivity, as I always think better when I'm out for a walk.


At this point in time I'd leave my main desk and take some activities to a treadmill setup nearby in same room if I had it, I guess. Guess I will get 2nd monitor/kb/mouse and keep them at treadmill desk. If you get a 2nd keyboard and mouse (wireless) it will also operate computer if it's nearby. I know two mice work because I had 2 plugged in at once once.

I'm not 100% sure on monitors and how you attach a 2nd one. I could probably move my existing monitor back and forth if it had a longer cord. My current monitor is a bit older so my video card has a few unused types of input connections, I could buy a 2nd monitor and plug it into one of them, I assume it's just an output so you just see the same thing on both screens.

Would also be nice to read paper books and Kindle (or tablet if I had one) at treadmill desk. One reason TrekDesk sounds good is that it 'comes with' document/book holders, but I'm sure similar products are sold separately somewhere?

But I have to decide from my options. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I'd better preface this by stating I live in Australia. It's possible to buy things only sent to USA through a deputy service but there's a bit more hassle, also you need an adapter such there's different power voltage, but I guess you can just use one without that much hassle (I have many Asian appliances also and nothing bad has happened with using adapters). Also, the place I live in isn't very large, so space is at a premium.

MY OPTIONS seem to be:

-buy some treadmill and a TrekDesk [via deputy import]. More complicated since I have to choose and buy a treadmill and seems to take up more space.

But if treadmill breaks desk is still fine.

I've seen reviews claiming TrekDesk has stability problems. Also, it seems pretty large, larger than the Lifespan desk. I think I could fit it in my current 'study' at least if I got a small 'compact' treadmill' but maybe not worth it. And I'd have to decide on a suitable treadmill. It seems to be out of stock but don't know how long that will last.

-LifeSpan TR1200-DT Treadmill Desk

Quicker and easier but more expensive, Also needs adapter for US power system. Which you can do but always worried it might shorten lifespan or something, and I'm not sure I'd get much warranty/service.

And if it breaks there goes your desk. Don't know if you can detach desk and use on different treadmill... the manual of assembly looks like you could take off the desk and use it on another, hypothetically, provided you could find one of the right dimensions.

I like this option because it sounds like it's easier, even if very expensive. I assume the treadmill has been designed for the purpose of slow walking for long periods, rather than fast running for an hour, and whatever metrics you have to use in buying a treadmill for TrekDesk are taken care of.

The desk is smaller than TrekDesk but if you really wanted to convert your entire workspace around it I bet you could just put more things nearby.

Is the price worth it? It sounds the easiest way to quickly 'solve the problem' but maybe it isn't the best choice.

- Buy treadmill and rig up own desk thing. How to find treadmill you can use under table, like 'The Tread'. I don't want to import 'The Tread' I don't think, it doesn't look like it would be worth it?

The cheap option I'm not very confident with, haven't tried DIY in my life. It would save a lot of money but unless I had very explicit instructions of what to buy and do I'd probably never get it done. Treadmill recommendations might not be much use because they're not necessarily the ones sold in Australia. There seem to be a few Australian members here but they're not necessarily around to read my post.

I suppose The Tread can be used with most standing desks(so you can just buy one of them separately, even ready built) but I'm not sure it justifies and expensive import, and wearing the controls sounds like a bit of a pain. I'm assuming the LifeSpan TR1200-DT Treadmill Desk is a better quality treadmill product, (eg. quieter, less likely to overheat, maybe better quality and less likely to malfunction etc) correct me if I'm wrong. I don't really care that much about the treadmill measuring distance and calories etc. I'm more interested in the other 'quality' issues. Also The Tread is on backorder.

Main problems:

-SPACE. Place I live in is small.
-Also might be moving within near year or so, so elaborate unmovable DIY setup maybe not advisable.
-Both The Tread and TrekDesk seem to be out of stock at the moment.
-Import issue as I mentioned. Not sure how much it costs for something so big and heavy either :(
-Wanting to actually get this happening.

Anyone's advice greatly appreciated!

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HI - Welcome to the group.


Using one computer with two monitor and mouse/keyboard set ups is easy.  As for the keyboard & mouse so long as at least one of each is USB there is no problem. If you happen to have two keyboards and two mice with the round connectors you can get a cable that adapts them into a single USB connection.  To hook up two monitors you'll need a Y or splitter cable.  I got mine at Best Buy, if I remember correctly.  They are available from all sorts of on-line sources as well so I imagine you'll be able to find an Austrailian source 

When I was using this set up I had one mouse & keybord attached with round connectors (PS2?, anyway original for the computer which is 4-5 years old), the second mouse and keyboard were attached with USB and two identical monitors using the splitter.  To save power and monitor life I turned off the monioir I wasn't using at the time but they work fine with both on.  The only potential problrm I would see is if the two monitors don't have the same resolution. 




fellow Ozzie here (though currently in NZ working) and have had a fair amount of experience with treadmill desk setups.

Sorry to hear about you having to quite your IT job, hopefully you can get all sorted on the treamill desk to return to work walking :P thats my ultimate goal to walk at work.

 Though all of my setups have been DIY using the cheapest parts/treamill around at the time, so never was the perfect setup, but nonetheless clocked up over 1500kms over the 1.5yrs using it.

I got a $250- 2nd hand treadmill from ebay, ripped apart the main top control and placed it to the side, then built up from various objects 2 main legs to place a flat thin wood top to make the desk sit over the treadmill. my treadmill had no option for incline which i did regret as it can take some load off the treadmills motor with a slight incline, especially useful when walking at slow speeds. the motor in my treadmill was pretty weak tbh, would of benifited with a more powerful one.

anyways, space does play a big factor, but where theres a will theres a way, you have some options for sure, ive actually seen a few height adjustable desks on ebay that use a wind up mechanism, usually sold from Melbourne for some reason. i do like the fact that 'thetread' does go to 4mph (6.5kph which is my max walking speed) for those faster walking sessions.

dont let the whole moving soon thing bother you to much, the sooner you get onto a treadmill desk the better, after an absence of 1 year i now understand how much sitting is killing me (sitting at work as i write this and want to shot myself in the face from the claustrophobic leg state im in) my flatmate over here in NZ just bought a new treadmill with electronic incline and i wacked a ironing board over the arms with some towels to absorb the bumps and have been walking on it every day with my laptop.

in the end, if youve got the money and dont trust your DIY skills go for the pre-made treadmill desk options, but not sure on warranties over here etc. i over heard that the 'trekdesk' has a distribution site in New Zealand, so easier to ship to Oz from here.

hope that helps a little bit. 

just do it though :P

I have posted a couple status updates on my TreadDesk but wanted to reply just in case you change your mind on importing it. Please be aware that TreadDesk can have backorders from 3-8 weeks. So factor that in when you're making your decision.

Interesting health problem that you had... I know walking is healthy, but I've not heard of anyone having the issue you had. Glad that walking solved it for you and I hope that you find a situation with a treadmill desk that works for you. 

I have the LifeSpan TR1200-DT Treadmill Desk and really like it. It is solid, stable and quiet. Also the desk and treadmill are not attached to each other, so if ever necessary, you could use the desk on another treadmill... but since LifeSpan designed this treadmill for hours of slow walking, I think it would serve you well. Also they have a great warranty on it.

Residential Warranty




3 Years


3 Years


1 Year

If interested, I did a video review of my treadmill desk because I was so happy with it...

Thanks for all the replies!

I still want the LifeSpan Treadmill/Desk, but the quote I've gotten so far re: shipping from a deputy service is immense. Perhaps I can find another which has cheaper shipping methods.

It seems the agent for the LifeSpan brand in Australia is but 'Currently we do not have the Treadmill Desk in our product line-up but hope to have it soon.'

[So I suppose LifeSpan treadmills are sold here under the Infiniti label. And NOT as the domestic brand of AU treadmills that are also called Lifespan. Confusing.]

Of course 'Hope to have it soon' isn't much of a guidance to anything much. 

 I also looked at the TrekDesk option, that thing is HUGE! I measured out my room and it could fit if I rearranged the furniture but it's actually bigger than my current computer desk. And sadly it doesn't look like the type of thing to replace your main desk if it indeed has the stability problems alluded to, I wonder if they've fixed that 'design fault'? Also the problem of the treadmill to pair it with. A check of eBay [Australia] had pages of treadmills with giant consoles and handbar interfaces which looked like you'd have trouble fitting a TrekDesk over them and having it the right height (or reaching the OFF button). Of course, they don't include exact measurements...

You can buy things without the big console and controls on the side, but they're all 'Pet Treadmills' :)

Should I avoid the 'compact' models with their short/narrow belts? I haven't tried this walking while using computer thing, but I assume the shorter it is the harder (and the TrekDesk seems to take up front space). As for the higher quality models, you're also paying for a lot of features you won't use as a desk treadmill along with the quality increase, so maybe the Lifespan TR1200-DT is still worth it even with the excessive import cost.

I also found these treadmill base things like 'the Tread', any idea on quality?

Signature SOLO WS300 - Walking Treadmill

It's the treadmills they also use in their very overpriced treadmill desks setups, but they seem to be more of a desk company? [BYO desk]

Hi There. This is a bit of an old thread, and I'm not sure how far down the path you are with trying to set up your own Treadmill desk. I can confirm the TR1200DT treadmill desk will be landing in Australia in a few weeks time. Naturally, it is built for the Australian market with 240V and is issued warranty and serviced by us here at Infiniti. Not sure if it is relevant to you, but I noticed the IHP (health partner) is not mentioned anywhere in the thread. The TR1200DT is also bluetooth compatible. The treadmill can be controlled via phone/tablet. All data such as distance, steps taken (there is a step counter), heart rate etc is recorded back into the IHP website so you can track your results. There is a lot of data and information/instruction/videos built into the site to assist you in achieving your goals. Each treadmill comes with a free membership. Please feel free to contact us via the website if you are interested.

Not trying to hijack the thread, but I am interested in something you said Time. You are saying the TR1200DT is bluetooth compatible, but is that meaning only in australia? I have one and its a feature I wish it had, but unfortunately it doesn't here in the states. I looked online just now at the lifespanfitness site and it mentions nothing about it either. Is there an add on you are using or is it now being built that way and just not advertised?

Again, sorry for the off topic comment. I am interested to see where you went with your purchase as well OP. 

We are the Australian supplier. We are just landing the first shipments now, so I can tell you this is a new feature. At the moment Android and Windows only. Apple is certified, and testing is nearly complete, so just around the corner. Not sure if US is waiting for Apple or not.

Hi everyone and sorry for never replying. Well in the end I went for the cheap option and got the Confidence Power Plus treadmill.

The whole idea of the 'treadmill desk' is the best thing ever. I never want to go back to sitting when I don't have to. All my varicose veins and knee problems went away. 

The thing with the Confidence Power Plus is: you get what you pay for. It works great... fulfills all your needs and nice and compact, but wears out, even if you give it plenty of time between 1/2 hour walks. The first one got a dangerous fault where it suddenly went up to max speed at random moments, so I decided to stop using it (better than breaking a leg) I figured out what part was causing the problem but I couldn't fix it myself and I got another one. Well okay that particular one worked fine for a while but just suffered some kind of electrical fault. Which is actually why I decided to visit this site again.

The main problem with the LifeSpan TR1200-DT Treadmill Desk is that it's so huge. At least it wouldn't break every 6 months but I'd have to be doing serious rearranging for them to even deliver it or something. 

I really wish I could buy a different higher quality 'tread only' treadmill without desk, like The Tread.

But I'm 99% sure I can't get that in Australia. Unless there's been more products available since I did my initial research a year ago. Does anyone know if there are any? Maybe you could remove the desk from the TR1200-DT? But better quality probably means not easy to disassemble.

I found that I really needed to have the mouse further to the side, next to me, (rather than reaching in front) and the keyboard in front. And the keyboard is higher than the mouse. I still have my 'boxes' on the sitting desk to put everything at the right height and place. Not 100% sure I'd achieve the same layout with the TR1200-DT.

Hi A.

Cool to hear how beneficial walking while working has been for you... with it clearing up your varicose vein and knee problems... that's great. 

Lifespan Fitness is offering more options now than they did at first (though I don't know what's available in Australia and what isn't)

Hope you find a quality, durable product that works for you.

Walk on!

Hi Guys. Just letting you know that there is a model arriving in Australia mid June that is just the treadmill base with a small console to sit on top of a current standing desk arrangement. Available at Infiniti , although not yet on website. 


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