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How do the TreadDesk users like their choice now?

I've wanted to do the treadmill workstation thing since I first heard about it but I first had to convince the spousal unit that I would keep with it.  I've managed to wear out a couple of cheap options so she's finally decided that it might be worth it to invest in something will (hopefully) last.

My basic problem is that space is tight - whatever I get can't be more than 60" long and maybe 30" wide.  TreadDesk's 'tread' fits the bill nicely - with no annoying modifications to have to make.  I've read some of the comments from people here to my previous thread on it but I'm hoping to get more long term information now.

Has the lack of cushioning been a major problem?  Has anyone tried placing it on something like those gel mats that people who stand all day tend to use?

How obtrusive is the noise at 1 to 1.5 mph?  2 mph?  It's not just decibels that matter, pitch is also important.

Does the control unit remember your settings between sessions?  Does it have problems with long sessions - it seems that many treadmills (and some other items) have problems if you work for more than 100 minutes straight.

Thanks in advance for any information you can share.

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Well, I've had the TreadDesk for over a year now.

Lack of cushioning has not been a major problem. I would like a little bit more, but realistically this has been just fine. I don't think the gel mat would do anything for you. The platform underneath the rolling tread is what is firm. It is designed that way on purpose, for the raised floor option (so you can roll your chair right over it).

At 1 to 1.5 mph, the noise is fine. Certainly not silent, but no one has commented on it when I am on the phone, and I can hear just fine. Although the treadmill will go over 2 mph, anything over that is too loud for me. Even over 1.5 tends to be a bit loud. This works OK though because I don't like to go faster than that; my concentration tends to be affected.

The control unit does remember settings between sessions. I reset it each day I use it. Throughout the day, it keeps track of the distance walked, despite stops. I don't pay attention to the time setting. I think it only goes up to 99 minutes 59 seconds, though. So if you want to keep track of time, you will run into an issue once you reach 100 minutes.



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