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Birthdays Tomorrow


It might be hard to determine, but I'm trying to get an idea of how many people try this out and then give it up for whatever reason.  Are there a lot of people who have done it for long periods of time, say, more than 6 months, who still love it?  I'm thinking about doing it, but it is going to be a pretty big transformation of my workspace, and it seems like one of those things that might sound like a good idea but just not be practical in real life.  So, just wondering...  there are a lot of people in the forum.  How many people who try it actually like it enough to keep doing it long term?


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I've been going for 6 months now, without a spell. I've put all my chairs in storage so I don't have much choice (in fact after a big 15 mile day I'll be a bit exhausted so I'll drive to some nice spot and work in the car--my only accessible chair!)

I just devoured a packet of biscuits, it's 11pm. 860 calories. There's no way I would have the motivation to knock that off by exercising, but walking while working for the next 3.5 hours will knock it off and feels like cheating it's so easy.

well i was a BIG user of the treadmill desk for around 1.5 yrs but ended 1 year ago due to moving into share houses that have not been ideal for it :( but everytime i used my TMD i was soooo happy and so felt fresh and dandy with more joy at the end of the day.

i think the best part by far was the looking forward to sitting down after using the TMD for most of the day, felt like my old days working as a labourer and the complete satisfaction of sitting down at the end of the day, with a beer in the hand. 

ive been coming back here to see any new deveopments with the whole TMD society, word is slowly getting out. i vote yes to the TMD, it won't go out of fashion, you'll only stop using if your living circumstances won't allow for it.

you'll actually look forward to using your desk all the more with the TM there.

go for it

I did it!!  I bought two stands to elevate my glass office desk that I love, and it seems they will work beautifully.  I also got a Pro-Form 505 or something, seems pretty stable, and 20" wide tread, 55" long.  I ripped out the guts of the computer and isolated it down to a very small control panel I can mount on my desk, so the whole thing will look very "professional"!  Can't wait to start on Tuesday back to work!!  Thanks for the encouragement.

I have been walking at work for about 18 months now...

Just finished out 2011 with 692 miles walked at work - and this with 3 months recovering from the damage I have done to my foot from training for and completing a full marathon.  (Still trying to get back up to par with stupid plantar faciitis)

I love it, it is a way of life for me - sitting is just not an option anymore...

I walk 5-8 miles a day & hope to continue for a long time coming!

Glad to hear your story.  That is great Cindy!  I'm loving mine so far, logged 60 miles in the first 2 weeks!  I did a marathon in October myself actually, the Marine Corps Marathon in DC.  That was actually part of why I was interested in the treadmill desk, since after the marathon I wanted to keep in shape but didn't want to have to run quite as much.  So far, I love it!

I've recorded about 3,600 miles since I started in June of 2007. I've taken several breaks - two related to hip flexor pain - probably caused by overusing my treadmill shoes; the running shoe store says max 500 miles on a pair, but I did almost double that. I still enjoy it, and hope to improve my desk setup one of these days. I hope you'll try it!


I've been walking for 1,5 years. Still at it:)


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