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How much electricity does a treadmill desk cost?

I think I read that it is very cheap.

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My treadmill is probably a ~15 year old commercial model and at 2mph at 1% incline it pulls 120 watts and and 9% incline it pulls 80 watts. Eight hours operating time would cost me around 10 cents.

Ray, here's an article that discusses treadmill power consumption as well as tactics for being "greener" as a treadmill desker.

If you go to the link shown in work while walking they suggest an AC power meter that you can purchase at places like home depot (doesn't have to be the brand shown).  

You can plug that meter in the wall and power your treadmill using that meter.  These are fairly inexpensive to purchase.  The meters will track power usage from the time you plug it in.  Best way to know how much it costs to run the treadmill. 

I haven't used it on my treadmill/desk yet but will do that.  I did use it on a freezer to see what it was costing me to operate.  Someone I knew had an older refrigerator and was going to use it on that out of curiosity but the person disposed of it before I could try it. 

Besides analyzing power consumption on a treadmill the device is great for seeing if devices throughout a house does actually consume "phantom power" as some like to say.  

Hopefully I didn't write too much. 


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