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Wrote a couple of weeks ago, right after the Orlean article came out in the New Yorker and NPR. Did obsessive research, went to the city and tried the treadmill/desk setup. Decided on a Lifespan DT3 and an electrically adjustable desk.

Treadmill arrived today and I jerry rigged a temporary desk. Managed to get in a couple of hours, including writing a report, at .8 mph. Am already feeling it in my butt. It's very smooth and easy- and no problems with the wi-fi kicking out, one of the odd problems I read some people have had. I already like it and find it easy to adjust to- I think I'm going to love it. And I'm 67, no spring chicken.

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Hi there 

Fellow New Yorker here, also looking to take the plunge but am nervous about getting a treadmill desk without trying it. Where in the city did you try the setup? None of these NYC and Brooklyn stores have it...

Thanks in advance for your help.

I'm in the San Francisco area, so can't help you with finding a store. Lifespan does say that you can return the treadmill within a period of time that I can't remember but seemed generous, if you're willing to repackage it and pay for shipping. However, that means saving the large box it came in and paying around $250. I got my desk- an electric one that goes up and down- from ErgotDepot (shipped).

I am using it  with no problems. Have written a couple of reports on it, search the net, do emails. When I'm home (my office is also at home), I use it between about .75 on a weekend day when I'm not at my desk a lot, to about 4 miles when I'm there more, and I'm sure that will keep going up- I'm still only on .8 mph most of the time. The only thing I had trouble with was organizing things to accommodate basically two desks- because I have both a chair and the treadmill under the desk, I need to slide my laptop over about 3 feet for one or the other, which meant that all kinds of things that were handy in one place weren't in the other, cords that worked one place didn't reach to the other place, etc. Took about a week to get that sorted out and am using it much more since. Good luck.


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