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Inexpensive Alternative to TreadDesk Treadmill

Hey all, I've been walking/working on my treadmill desk for over 2 weeks and I'm lovin' it.  I'm so glad I took the plunge!

Here's my setup: I got an IKEA Fredrik desk off of Craigslist for free (lucky for me, it still looks brand new) and I configured it for standing height.  Then, after standing for a week, I realized my feet actually feel BETTER moving and shifting weight, so a week later, I purchased a treadmill that I've had my eye on at Amazon for a while - the Confidence Power Plus Treadmill.  I gravitated toward it because: A) It was a really inexpensive NEW electric treadmill ($239) and none of the Craigslist options looked appealing to me, B) The footprint of it is really small and would fit under my desk nicely, C) It was advertised as lightweight (I hate bulky equipment) and C) The handlebars APPEARED to be easy to disassemble completely.  The only problem was, there wasn't that much information about it, especially for treadmill desk users.  Luckily, I was confident in Amazon's return policy so I thought I'd be the guinea pig for the treadmill desk community. :)

Verdict: I couldn't be happier!  The treadmill is super light yet sturdy, very quiet, and the console is small and was easy to disassemble from the handlebars.  Check out my photo to see it - I believe it's comparable to the $820 Tread Desk treadmill, yet the speed goes as high as 10mph.  The only downside is that it automatically stops after 30 minutes, but I don't mind this " feature" and I've grown to like it very much.  It reminds me to take a little break, stretch, and tally up all of the 30 minute sessions I've done for the day.  It goes as slow as 1mph, but I've gone as fast as 3.4mph when I'm doing less intensive tasks such as surfing the web or replying to casual emails. :)


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That's great news! Glad to here they were willing to listen and send you a new treadmill. Keep us posted on the new one. Yes, it definitely seemed like a motor problem when I first realized it. I hope it work out!


I just got this same treadmill in today and am getting it set up for my standing desk that I've been using for a couple months now.  Need to get a riser now though to account for the increased height of the treadmill.  But it looks like it's going to work great, thanks for the info!

Your setup looks great!! I agree about getting risers. I noticed the same thing. Walk on....:O)


I seem to have a problem with my control panel and thought I might have reversed the placement of the 'plug' when I put it back on. I think I may have to return the whole treadmill and so want to put everything back in order to return it (yuck!). That means I need to be sure the 'plug' is on right. Can anyone check theirs and let me know what they see on theirs? Is the 'phone tab' of the plug (the part that makes it look like a phone plug facing the 'outside' of the board (towards the front of the unit) or facing 'inside' the board (towards the back of the unit? Thanks.

Just as a note--I've tried it both ways--when it faces the front the control panel won't do anything after you get it off the safe mode (though it all lights up) and when it faces the back, the belt starts working at a pretty fast clip but the control panel won't respond and the safety magnet doesn't have any affect. I guess I have to return it. Unfortunately, I didn't put a string on the cord so running it back through the handlebars will probably be a nightmare! Good thing to remember to do if you are disassembling the handlebars!


Hey Chris -

I had to return mine and had to do this too. Getting the phone wire back through the tubing was a challenge, but I decided to take my time and stay calm. I got some picture hook wire and wieghted it down by tieing 4 small washers(or something similar. that's just what I had around) that were able to fit in/out of both holes. You need to test them first before you put it through.

The bend in the bar is the hardest part but I managed to get the weighted wire down to the last bend- which is why I weighted it in the first place. Then i took a wire hanger and "bent" a small "hook" on one end and gently inserted it in the small bottom hole and pushed it up toward the last bend.

 I gently turned the wire hanger in "hopes" that I would "hook" the weighted wire and pull it down. It took me a while but I did manage to hook the weighted wire and I gently pulled it down and then out the bottom hole.

I removed the washers and tied the telephone cord to the picture wire and pulled it up through the pipe. For anyone getting this treadmill, I would advise using a string when you take it apart and then securing that string at both ends on the bar with tape so you have something to pull the cord through with.

I then connected the control panel and put everything back together. Hope this helps.

Yes, it sounds like a challenge but I appreciate your ideas. I guess I'll just have to practice patience and do it! Thanks Chirs

No problem. good luck.

In the end it wasn't too hard to get the wire rethreaded--i just put a weight on the end of the string and worked it through! Better to think ahead though when you pull the wire out and attach a string.

Sorry for the delay....I'm glad it worked for you! Happy they sent you a replacement and it is working better than the first one. I'm still waiting for my Tread by Treadesk-backordered until end of February. I decided to bite the bullet and buy a more expensive treadmill. Walk on!

Just a note---I did receive a new treadmill from the company--they were very good about sending out a new one. I managed to get one working from the two of them and returned the non working one all assembled. I'm not sure what was wrong with the first unit--I think it must have been something on the electronics for the treadmill itselt. The company was very good about the whole thing. I love the treadmill and am finding it easy to use and it solves my sitting-too-long at the computer issue!

That looks really nice! 

How much higher are you from the floor on this? Is it level or at an incline? 

Would really appreciate a photo from the side to see the height. 



When standing on the treadmill, you'll be about 5 inches off the ground. Also, after removing the bars, it's level.

It's a cheap treadmill from China, so it may have a bug or two, but the customer support has been solid. I've been waiting for a new one to be delivered to replace the one I purchased last month. The issue I've had is a burning

smell and a weak motor; however, I've still been walking about 5 miles each day. Despite the inconvenience, it's still better than shelling out $800 for the tread desk. Since parts on any treadmill are roughly a hundred dollars, I feel like I'm definitely getting a better value for my dollar.


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