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Inexpensive Alternative to TreadDesk Treadmill

Hey all, I've been walking/working on my treadmill desk for over 2 weeks and I'm lovin' it.  I'm so glad I took the plunge!

Here's my setup: I got an IKEA Fredrik desk off of Craigslist for free (lucky for me, it still looks brand new) and I configured it for standing height.  Then, after standing for a week, I realized my feet actually feel BETTER moving and shifting weight, so a week later, I purchased a treadmill that I've had my eye on at Amazon for a while - the Confidence Power Plus Treadmill.  I gravitated toward it because: A) It was a really inexpensive NEW electric treadmill ($239) and none of the Craigslist options looked appealing to me, B) The footprint of it is really small and would fit under my desk nicely, C) It was advertised as lightweight (I hate bulky equipment) and C) The handlebars APPEARED to be easy to disassemble completely.  The only problem was, there wasn't that much information about it, especially for treadmill desk users.  Luckily, I was confident in Amazon's return policy so I thought I'd be the guinea pig for the treadmill desk community. :)

Verdict: I couldn't be happier!  The treadmill is super light yet sturdy, very quiet, and the console is small and was easy to disassemble from the handlebars.  Check out my photo to see it - I believe it's comparable to the $820 Tread Desk treadmill, yet the speed goes as high as 10mph.  The only downside is that it automatically stops after 30 minutes, but I don't mind this " feature" and I've grown to like it very much.  It reminds me to take a little break, stretch, and tally up all of the 30 minute sessions I've done for the day.  It goes as slow as 1mph, but I've gone as fast as 3.4mph when I'm doing less intensive tasks such as surfing the web or replying to casual emails. :)


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I don't bolt down the cover so I can check how hot it gets, and she gets hot after a double 30 minute sessions. Even if I let it cool for 30 min in between. I haven't called the manufacturer to discuss what the usage pattern should be. I'm sure they have some idea for the reason they shut down after 30 minutes. How long are we supposed to let it cool down between sessions? From my own estimate, I wouldn't run continuously unless I have a one hour cool down after each 30 minute session. Unless of course, you install a small case fan, or open up the cover and put a small fan aiming at the motor. You can also test how hot your motor is at the end of your typical day. I bet you that the motor will be so hot that you would burn your hand if you hold on to it more than 5 seconds.

You might as well donate your treadmill to Goodwill because it will burn down in no time. The 30min shut down is there for good reasons. Take out the cover and touch the motor to see how hot it gets in your typical usage. Amy is probably no more than 110 or 120 lbs max. She may be able to get away with using it longer than most of us. I use this at home and I don't run more than 2 sessions per night. On occasions when I went over 2 sessions because I had to restart, she gets very hot. If I ran the 3rd session, I might as well cook steak on it too.  I'm a little over 160 lbs.

Just send it back. My first unit got hot and had an odor. The replacement unit is fine. I use it to walk 5 to seven miles daily.

Good to know that you're getting 5-7 miles out of it. That's respectable number. Let's see how long does it last. I for one don't enjoy sending stuff back and forth. So I'm probably too conservative. But at least now I can think about pushing the machine a little harder. Thanks.

If it starts smelling like burned rubber, then stop and send it back. Their customer service (at least Golf Pro Outlets) was easy to work with.

Ted, what speed do you use for the 5-7 miles? I've read somewhere that the displayed speed is in Kilometer. I looked in the manual but couldn't find the reference to that. I'm on 1.0 and prefer to keep the speed low.

I have two treadmills. The Confidence and a high-end Livestrong T10.

I set my Confidence for 2.0, and counted the steps for a minute. I then did the same for the Livestrong. When I compared the two, I walked and additional 2-3 steps per minute with the Livestrong. Obviously, this wasn't scientific. I find that walking at 2.0 keeps me engaged in my work and my body disciplined to the narrow belt. Any slower and I get sloppy, both with my writing and my walking.

I imagine that the quality of the machines this strand dicusses (the confidence fitness) is all over the map. I'm increasing my distance slowly to 7 miles per day, with an ultimate goal of 10. At 2.0 that's roughly 5 hours of walking/writing. I just need to build up my stamina. Amazing how walking at a slow pace can tire one out hour after hour!

Does the Confidence get any help from the Livestrong at all? Or you plan to push the 10 mile all on the Confidence? You're too funny (but very tough on equipments)!

I'm interested in seeing how much punishment the Confidence will take. I opted for the cheaper model more out of interest to see how a walking station would work in my day. So far it's been fantastic!

Hi Amy, et al! Thanks so much for all your inspiration, descriptions and photos! I am so excited to get started with a treadmill desk in my tiny NYC apt! I looked at both your Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill ($249.99) and the Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill with adjustable incline ($349.99). The second one has an adjustable incline and different handle bars.

Can anyone  tell me if there is a reason I should not try the Power Pro? Does it look like the bars can be removed fairly easily like the Power Plus? Do you think walking slow, with a slight incline would be difficult? What I love about both these treadmills is their footprint is only 24 inches wide, something I have not found anywhere else. Again, thanks everyone for contributing to this thread and all your great information!

The Power Pro has a decent motor. Something that would stand a chance for the all day slow speed application that we want to do, which is the hardest on the motor. Most treadmills are not designed for that. The Power Pro has extra wire connections to the speed control and what not in the handle bars. For my first experiment I wanted something that it would work for sure. Thus, the Power Plus. It may not be difficult to work with the Power Pro. We just haven't had any feedback. I was thinking about getting it as my 2nd unit because I didn't think the Power Plus can handle much use. But if it's possible to get 5 miles out of the Power Plus, I may have to rethink as 5 miles is good enough for me.

I would also like to know the energy use. This may be a cheap treadmill, but if the energy use is not optimized, it could turn out to be much more expensive. Does no one have one of those energy meter's that you just plug into the outlet? 

Would be nice to know the watt's used at 1km/h, 2km/h, etc. 


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