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Inexpensive Alternative to TreadDesk Treadmill

Hey all, I've been walking/working on my treadmill desk for over 2 weeks and I'm lovin' it.  I'm so glad I took the plunge!

Here's my setup: I got an IKEA Fredrik desk off of Craigslist for free (lucky for me, it still looks brand new) and I configured it for standing height.  Then, after standing for a week, I realized my feet actually feel BETTER moving and shifting weight, so a week later, I purchased a treadmill that I've had my eye on at Amazon for a while - the Confidence Power Plus Treadmill.  I gravitated toward it because: A) It was a really inexpensive NEW electric treadmill ($239) and none of the Craigslist options looked appealing to me, B) The footprint of it is really small and would fit under my desk nicely, C) It was advertised as lightweight (I hate bulky equipment) and C) The handlebars APPEARED to be easy to disassemble completely.  The only problem was, there wasn't that much information about it, especially for treadmill desk users.  Luckily, I was confident in Amazon's return policy so I thought I'd be the guinea pig for the treadmill desk community. :)

Verdict: I couldn't be happier!  The treadmill is super light yet sturdy, very quiet, and the console is small and was easy to disassemble from the handlebars.  Check out my photo to see it - I believe it's comparable to the $820 Tread Desk treadmill, yet the speed goes as high as 10mph.  The only downside is that it automatically stops after 30 minutes, but I don't mind this " feature" and I've grown to like it very much.  It reminds me to take a little break, stretch, and tally up all of the 30 minute sessions I've done for the day.  It goes as slow as 1mph, but I've gone as fast as 3.4mph when I'm doing less intensive tasks such as surfing the web or replying to casual emails. :)


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Excellent. Nice job. You're in luck with the motor. If you haven't smelled any burning yet, you've got a good one. That little white fan on the middle shelf is perfect for cooling the motor. If you get another one, you can use it to cool the motor. Since you've already cut some metal, what with drilling a few more holes? Open up the cover to locate the motor. Be sure to unplug the power long enough to let the capacitors drain or you will get a shock (see my prior warning post). Drill the holes so the fan air can get to the motor. I would drill slightly from the underside to take advantage of natural heat convection so the cool air is coming from below. You're already raised up, so the cooling will be great. Anyway, that's just an idea if you want to go this route. With the extra cooling and your light weight, you can run this thing non-stop forever! (or close to it anyway, lol) Good luck.

Thanks for the excellent advice!  By the way, how do I know when I'm supposed to lubricate this thing, and how do I do that?  They included a little bottle (that arrived mostly empty), but no instructions on how or when to do that.

Vacuum twice a week. Lube once a month.

Get one of these from amazon for lube. Do not use silicon spray

The video said lube every 3 months, but that's for exercise usage, not office walking.

I just got my Confidence Treadmill and have set it up. I discovered a way of permanently shutting off the beeping sound that takes about 10 seconds and only requires a flat head screwdriver or equivelant tool.

Simply place the scredriver under the speaker unit and gently wedge the speaker upwards away from the circuit board. In my case one of the two soldered wire feet popped out and that's it - you are done. Close up the control unit and you are ready to go in silence.

Thanks for sharing this ingenious option for a walking workstation. This post was my inspiration to convert my workspace. I opted to try out the Confidence GTR Power Pro Treadmill and put a few more minutes of work into converting the console to a stand alone unit. The GTR Power Pro model is double the horsepower and will hopefully last. It was $349 on Amazon and has basically the same weight and size dimensions of the Confidence Power Plus.
After having used it heavily for a few weeks, I can attest that it does not overheat or even get warm. It does not stop at 30 minute intervals. And, it is quiet enough to conduct conference calls while walking.
With regards to converting it for my desk, I found it easiest to open the motor box to remove the power cable and thread it back up through the handlebars. It has two additional wires for the unit's arm controls and heart rate monitor, but these were easily disconnected and do not affect the function of the unit at all.


Excellent. I'm glad to hear that you were able to disassemble the handlebars and made the unit function as you wanted. If and when you get a chance, feel free to start a new topic and post the pics. You can call it "Inexpensive Alternative to TreadDesk Treadmill Part 2", LOL. I'm sure there are people who would be interested in this model. I was also considering this model at the time. But I went with the Confidence Plus because I read and knew for certain that it would work. And I was too fearful to take a chance with the Power Pro. Your experience would help other people. Thanks.

Hi All,

Just wanted to say that after five months of hard use, and I mean hard, the motor on my Confidence treadmill is about toast. I could still squeeze out some more miles, and will; however, I've gone ahead and ordered The Tread. 

I've been walking about six miles a day, five days a week, straight through and because there's no bounds to what I'm willing to put myself through, I've been wearing a backpack loaded with 25lbs. (I'm getting ready for some trips in the Sierras). That puts my overall weight to around 215 lbs. 

I have no regrets. I consider the Confidence an entry level model for those wanting to see if walking and working makes sense. I appreciate its low price and its small footprint. The thirty minute stops were useful for me to really crank out some pages, knowing that I could take a break. I'd recommend this unit for anyone interested in giving a more active work day a shot.

I didn't get into this to lose weight. I swim about 6 to 10 miles a week, but I was surprised that my weight still dropped (by five pounds). Moreover, my hip pain has disappeared and my writing is sharper and more focused. I can't imagine sitting through another day ever again.

My wife has been so impressed that she's ordered a treadmill for her office and I'm sure some of her colleagues will do the same.  Unlike me, she's not a workout junky. She doesn't have the time as her job is incredibly high stress. The walking treadmill is a great solution for her and others like her. I can't wait to see how she does with it!

Best to everyone. Keep walking!


Maybe we need a thread to post all the expired treadmills to and how they held up...

I like that idea! If this site could be organized so future users could find their information, that would be great.

What a great idea! I've been considering setting up a treadmill desk for a few months, but this finally gave me the push to do it. I cobbled together my desk using some ideally sized shelving units, and have been easing into my walking routine this week. Thanks for the inspiration!

So a change of plans from my last post. After my confidence treadmill began to falter I announced that I was going to dive deep into my pockets and buy the Tread, which I did. Upon doing so, I learned that my wife's company had declined her request for a walking treadmill, citing liability naturally I will be giving her the Tread I ordered for myself.

This meant that I had to repurpose the Livestrong treadmill I bought as a Christmas gift for her. Can't say I was enthusiastic, but here's what I did, and it may help some of you out, too.

First, I ordered the SurfShelf...a clever little shelf that sits right on the the display of the treadmill. I've been told by the owner of the company that its designed to support 60lbs which is far more than my 21"iMac requires.

Second, I went to Lowe's and bought a full sheet of their foam insulation that's 2" thick. I also found a 3' piece of shelving/scrap for $1.

With a box cutter I borrowed from one of their helpful employees, I cut the sheet into several 1'x3' sections (give or take a few inches).  Once home, I placed the sections on the handle bars of the treadmill, one on top of the other, until I found a comfortable height for typing. Then I carefully wrapped those pieces with duct tape to keep them in place. 

A major issue with foam insulation is that its made of millions of tiny foam balls that flake away and make a mess. I happened to have some old canvas in the garage, so I wrapped the foam block I had made like a big present, added velco and stuck the shelf to it.

If you already have a full sized treadmill, this is a great way to go. It's cheap, it's fast, and my wife is happy because she can use the treadmill anytime she likes. All she has to do is remove the desktop I made. If she wants to keep the iMac, she can leave it on the SurfShelf. If she wants it off, she can place it on the traditional work desk next to the treadmill. 

I just wish I would’ve known about the SurfShelf several months ago, it would’ve save me the money I spent on the Confidence and the desktop I bought to raise and lower my computer!

Ingenious!  A few questions:

At what height did you set the desktop?

Isn't the keyboard too close to the monitors?  

And how sturdy does it feel?

Thanks, and more power to you!


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