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Is buying any used treadmill ok for the job?

I see some are really expensive, over $1000.

What if you make one with a $100 used one on craiglist? Has anyone done that successfully?

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One could try with $100 treadmill and see how it goes. My experience is that the cheaper treadmills are that and typically don't work that well and may be why the person is selling the treadmill.

As someone who is heavier I knew that a lighter treadmill wouldn't work for me. If you are a lighter person then maybe it would but would test the treadmill before buying it for slippage etc. Slippage is when you put your foot down and the treadmill either stops for a bit or significantly slows down. It is hard to use a treadmill as a desk or even walk on one if it slips.

Hope this helps. I previously posted some pictures how I set up a treadmill desk using Elfa hardware from the Container Store. Others have come up with other ways and many times cheaper.

I don't like the idea of using the height of the handles on a treadmill for a desk surface especially due to my taller height.

You most certainly can do this.  I did it myself to get started.  It took a bit of redneck engineering but it worked great until the motor burned out about 6 months later.  However this kind of setup can help you make up your mind whether or not it is right for you with minimal investment.  You can see my original setup here:

For that setup, I used an IKEA Jerker desk.  These are not made anymore but you can find them on Craigslist.  IKEA does make a similar desk but it didn't go high enough for me (I'm 6'2")..

Afterwards, I bought a Treaddesk off Craigslist for $300  That one lasted three years before I burned up the motor.  I bought a GeekDesk frame with an IKEA desktop to create the setup you see here.  

I'm currently shopping for a replacement but I'm going to buy a new tread this time..

The price is high in my opinion.  I think it should be priced around $350.  In terms of wear and condition, the things I would look for is wear on the deck which could include rough spots or ridges, wear in the nylon back side of the belt, loud motor, clunking or noise coming from the rollers which would indicate a bearing issue.  

 As soon as you put the safety key in place the display will show total hours and miles.  Ask the owner if there has been any service on the unit and if you want get the serial number and call Sole for the service history.  Also ask the owner if the treadmill belt/deck has ever been lubricated and how if so how often.  The treadmill should have been lubricated 1-2 times a year. I bought used this elliptical after 4 years it still work great!


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