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Was roaming around Amazon reviews and a couple of folks said that every time they turned on the treadmill their DSL/Uverse/name your brand went out. One person was told he needed an "independent power line from the company transformer." Another fellow said he needed a $150 power isolation system." Someone else connected a something to a something that made it work.

Anybody here had that problem or heard of it?

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I had similar problem, when the treadmill started off it knocked out the wifi.  Putting router out of range and using network cable solved the problem. And when my treadmill died a replacement treadmill did not have the problem. So I'm back on wifi.

I would try something simple like network cable or putting some shielding over the motor housing before spending bug bucks.

I think my problem was the motor throwing out a lot of static radio. If the problem is noise going up the power line then maybe some sort of isolation may be required. A cheap UPS would isolate you from direct power line interference and also allow you to work (not walk) when you have a power cut.

Thanks so much.

It could be as simple as making sure your DSL isn't plugged into an outlet that is on the same breaker as your treadmill.  It is possible that when the treadmill starts up the voltage decreases. 

Try plugging the DSL or treadmill into other outlets and see what aggect that has. 

Just another option. 

Thanks, so much- also heard from Lifespan that a surge protector with a 75 decibel noise filter should work if there's a problem


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