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Looking For Ideas For A DIY/Cheap Clamp On Monitor Stand

I'm looking for ideas on building a clamp on LCD monitor stand. Or getter yet where to get one for < $50. It needs to support 1 42" monitor and my dream is that plus the ability to hold my laptop which I normally use a second monitor.

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Do you mean an actual stand that holds a 42" monitor (which sounds risky), or an arm that mounts to the wall? I don't know if I'd put that large of a monitor on anything free standing...
OOPS! I meant 24". I'm not sure if that was dyslexia or wishful thinking :)!
I was going to say... ;)

Do you have space for a wall mount? I couldn't find any cheap floor stands online....
I do, but I don't want to lock myself into one location for my desk.
I'll keep my eyes open. It seems like there should be something out there at a reasonable price.


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