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Attached is a picture of my new setup. It is an extra long (78") motorized height-adjustable desk from Ergo Depot, a Lifespan TR 1200 DT treadmill, and a couple of Ergotron adjustable monitor arms. The wide desk allows me to have both the treadmill and a chair under the desk, similar to the AMG photos shown on the home page. I've been walking about 3-4 hours a day (two hour-and-a-half to two hour sessions)  at between 1 and 1.5 mph, alternating walking and sitting. I just raise or lower the desk and swing the monitors to whichever side I'm working on. Only been at it a couple of weeks, but liking it so far. 

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How do switch between a chair and treadmill with your desk set up?

Is the treadmill on wheels? 


I either raise or lower the desktop (it's motorized) to the appropriate height for sitting or standing (takes less that 10 seconds), then swing the two monitor arms over, and slide the keyboard and mouse pad. I think this very similar to the Steelcase treadmill desk setup, but less than half the price.


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