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I'm new here and would love very much to walk at work, but I'm in an "open concept" office, I don't even have my own cubicle, it is an open area (probably 12 x 12) that I share with 3 others.  Are any of you in the same situation, and how is the noise factor?  How can I manage to do this without driving everyone around me nuts?

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It depends on the ambient noise in your office and how good is the sound absorption. I doubt if the treadmill will be quiet. It will always make some noise.  That was one major factor why I chose the Confidence. I need to be able to get it out of the office if it was too noisy. With the machine being 50 lbs in weight, it's lightest treadmill you can get. Most others are at least 100 lbs. I put mine in on a Saturday for a test run and found that it's too noisy for my cube land. So I took it home and put in the kitchen. I never even run it during office hours to see if it's too noisy for my coworkers. If you don't have a treadmill at home, you can always use one. Ask your coworkers if you can bring one in for a test. Then run the test to see if they have any problem with it. If it's too loud then take it home. Then you can do a stand up desk. That's what I use at work.  It's not hard to find excuses to walk during the day once you are on your feet with a stand up desk. Most the treadmill desks I've seen with the people here and on youtube is that they are either in private office or home office. You will get plenty of benefits by just a stand up desk if the treadmill is not a viable option. So go ahead and find out if a treadmill will work in your office.

Thanks Thomas - that's what I was afraid of...and because our work involves intense concentration, you can hear a pin drop.   I don't think my co-workers would be very happy.

Luckily I do work from home 2x/week so will get set up here, and I've started the process of getting the OK to set up a standing desk at the office.  I've set up my standing desk at home, and feel so much better at the end of the day!

I share my office with one other person and the noise on my treadmill is not too office companion does not seem to mind it at all.  When I am taking breaks or have to be at a "sit down" desk I offer up the treadmill for them to try.  I think it would help to get them all involved!  Maybe a treadmill desk you guys could rotate through with your laptops.  I think walking aids concentration!  I bought a desk specifically made for the office and rather than convert a treadmill--I could see how a "normal" treadmill could be very loud.

The acoustic in each office is different, but more importantly the nature of the work thus politics. I doubt if you can put in a treadmill in a cube land where they do software development without someone complaining. Now if it's customer service where everyone is on the phone talking, I can buy that. An example is this video link. The two women can start walking because they are only taking reservations and talking to customers. Try that with a high concentration job and your productivity will suffer greatly in the beginning.

Two women lost 35 lbs each using treadmill desk

Another thing is your treadmill is as "normal" as it gets. There is nothing special about your treadmill. You just happen to be in the right office with cooperating coworker. A lot of people in cube land don't have that luxury.

The setup that you use is from TreadmillDeskInc. They just converted certain models of treadmill (detached the console) and combined it with a desk and market them as the Signature series. I've listed the equivalent treadmill in the Signature series and the same treadmill that you can get at Walmart:

Signature Series treadmills

SOLO - S100 Walk/Run Treadmill


SOLO - S300 Walk/Run Treadmill

SOLO - WS300 Walking Treadmill



Another potential solution is to increase the cubicle wall heights in the area where the treadmill is being used. Additional acoustic protection with panel extenders might help cut the noise level a little.



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