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My Father in law uses a treadmill to walk. He watches you tube videos. I got to thinking, I spend a lot of time on a computer, wonder if I could balance a keyboard on a treadmill. Funny eh? That was before I googled it and found this site and the myriad of products to support treadmill desks, etc.

Whole new world. I really need to exercise and loose some weight and I want thisnto work for me.

But my home office is a large messy work surface with a 24" IMac and a second monitor and a Scansnap scanner I use everyday. No small conversion and I didnt even own a treadmill, much less all the rest.

My strategy is to wade into this versus dive. So I looked at Craigslist and bought a Nordict Tract C2255 treadmill for $160 in new condition. Hauled the thing home this morning and got it into the lower level of my house with a friends help. My plan is to experiment there.

To be honest, just walking at 1mph at first is a little awkward. It occupies my mind a bit, making sure I don't get swept off the thing. I'm sure that gets easier.

So I walked a half hour reading my IPad on the book stand. That wasn't bad and the time passed quickly. Went about 1.4 mph. Even called my father in law! So I made my first call as well.

I think I'll see how that goes for a while. But I know the key here is if I can do real work and walk at the same time. What so many of you are doing is huge. Instead of finding time to exercise before or after work, you exercise while working. Sweet! So I need to hook up a real computer on the thing and do some real work. Soon. Then maybe I tear my office apart, buy a new desk and hire a crane ( or crew) to haul the treadmill up two flights of stairs.

Wish me luck. Suggestions would be welcome.


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Just do it!! I thought about it for a year.  The adjustment is tough  - but not that tough. .I am at the beginning of week 3 and have way more energy.. sleep like a log!  No weight loss yet.. but no weight gain either. ;).
Can you tell me how you are handling having a desk you can both sit and stand at?  So I need a desk wide enough that I can put a chair next to the treadmill?  Thanks much.  I think you are right about just doing it!
I use a tall bar stool and set it right on my treadmill - if it is a shorter period of time.  I have the treadmill set up in my office. Since this is not the most comfortable, if I want to sit for a longer period of time,  I just disconnect and sit at my regular desk if necessary.  Surprisingly, sometimes, I just stop, and stand...

This is the part I'm having trouble imagining.  My desk is a computer, two monitors and a scanner.  Those are the tools I use for work.  So if I have a raised desk, those tools would need to be on it.  The only way I could "also" have a regular desk is to have a duplicate set of computer, monitor and scanner,etc.


I've looked at a lot of the pictures online, and generally see laptops on small raised desks.  I haven't seen many setup where one can walk as well as sit at the same desk.  Maybe your stool idea, on top of the treadmill is a possible solution.  Ann, this is a new forum for me.  Do others join these discussions?  It would be nice to have additional input.  

I have a single standing desk that does not adjust.  I have a desktop PC and dual LCD monitors.  When I need to sit I put a chair on top of the treadmill.  As Ann said you can use a bar stool for short periods of time, but you can also put a more ergonomically pleasing chair on top of the treadmill.  Just make sure it doesn't have wheels.  :-)


If you are going to have a chair on the treadmill for any significant period of time I would put down some sort of protective layer to keep the treadmill belt from getting scratched/dirty.

Hi, Bill--

I am a noobie too, relatively.  I decided to take the leap and got a Treaddesk, which is a platform with an inset treadmill, plus a separate-height-adjustable desk.  So when I am walking, the desk is high, and when I need to sit (this does take a while to work into!) I lower the desk, pull my chair over, and sit. (The treadmill is set in "flush" with the platform, in other words).  This has been really wonderful and versatile. I am still experimenting with shoes and have not really found good ones. I heard the vibram 5 is supposed to be a great alternative, and my massage therapist swears by them, but they seem pricey. Anyway, hope your experience is good.  I do recommend highly Mr Jerry Carr at Treaddesk, who (ahem) walked me through the whole process of ordering, setup, adjustments, and so on.  I love this thing---a great product. Let us know how it is going--

Anne (a different Anne from your original correspondent)

I would first figure out if you **will** sustain this configuration.  So keep reading your ipad for a few hours.  I started out standing for a week at the counter and worked.  Its amazing the aches and pains you will work through. Walking fixes aching back while standing.   If you think you can stand and work for  the week then you can figure out how much space you really need.  Keep shrinking the space used on the counter to find out the minimum space needed.  Now one day try to stay in the same location (no wider then 20" width of a wider treadmill)  to perform your work.  Is it possible to execute the work in a facing forward position?  If no then you might need a curved desk rather then wider.  Be cautious with reaching while doing this. 


Once you are convinced that this is workable and you hirer your crew and build the desk that will work for you, start slowly.  This is a longer term change, if you start too fast(to lose weight) you might burn yourself out with joint pain while your body adjusts to the new workload. Just like weight lifting, if you have not done it in a while, don't stack to 100lb plates and knock out 3 full bench press sets and full squats.   It will end ugly.


After 864 miles and 180 days, 50 lbs of weight loss, I still can get some aches and pains mainly hip flexors.  These are mitigated with proper caloric consumption.  I average 10 miles per work day at an incline of 10%@1.4 MPH, but I started at 0.7 MPH at a 0% incline for the first month. 

There are still work items that I have trouble doing on the treadmill. I have a platform (board with 2x6" base) that use for the tread when I need to sit and work.   I built a laptop platform for the increased height for my incline change.

wlaking speed is the key of not having to concentrate on the walking. so i suggest you go figure out how fast you normally amble set the tread to that speed and try agian...

i had the luxury of having a desk with electrical height change so could sit or walk. you won't need the sitting after your first month passed so i suggest just walking and pausing a little when the feet start to feel tired.

Thanks for all the comments of those who joined this thread.  I now have an unadjustable Ikea desk and it works great.  I set the treadmill mostly at 1MPH and incline of 20%.  Love it.  I am still having trouble getting the height right.  It causes my left hand to go numb and I never have that problem in any other activity.  I'm using blocks of wood to experiment with height.  My lower back also gets sore.  I think I may be leaning in an awkward way.  Working on that too.  Love it so far.  Standing is good, walking is better.  don't miss my chair.


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