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I have a desk top and am trying to figure out what to use for legs -- price is definitely a concern. I was thinking of using PVC. Has anyone done so? If so, how did you attach them to the desk, and what did you put on the bottom of each leg? Thanks!



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Before I had my tread desk I used two sawhorses (use construction grade, not cheap plastic) and a flat hollow-core door bought from local building supply; I painted it in wild bright colors for fun. That was a seated desk.  For a standing desk my former neighbor had a rigged up stack arrangement of milk crates (a special interlocking kind, sturdier than the ones I have).  Hope that helps.

For the bottoms, how about putting a 90 elbow on each leg and running a pipe between them? That would sturdy them together. Otherwise just a PVC pipe cap would cover the end.

This thread is a few months old, but fyi, I just raised a desk using PVC and it seems to work ok. The rig ended up a little top-heavy so I've put a couple sand bags on the bottom. The reason I used PVC is that it allowed me to be precise in building a rig to fit a tight space. It allowed the structure to be visually open rather than being a closed box and the skills required were modest. In the end, I did not have to drill through or in any way damage the purchased desk so it can be recycled readily to another place if need be later. I'll post a couple photos for you or anyone else looking to see how PVC might work.



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