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So I am about to purchase a LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 treadmill, but I want to check one thing: Does the treadmill automatically pause every time you get off it, even if just for a minute or so?   

The reason I ask is that in the reviews, people have complained about it being a pain to get the treadmill back to the desired speed after it's been paused (since it doesn't remember the last speed you had it on).  I don't think that would be a problem for me as long as it comes up only when I manually pause it for a long break, but I worry that it would be a problem if I have to reset the speed every time I get off the treadmill just for a few seconds, such as when I need to walk across the room to get something from a file cabinet.

If anyone can tell me the answer to my question, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.


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Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that is the default case. You can turn off the auto-stop feature in the engineering menu, but after a manual pause the speed always resets to the minimum speed (0.4mph/0.6kph).

Yes, it *is* a really stupid design "feature", but was probably the result of the legal department overriding the marketing and engineering departments ;)

Well on my regular treadmill when I push pause and the restart it also resumes at about that speed vs. what speed I was previously at. Maybe this is to allow ramp up.
Yes it does stop and you have to reset it...... When I bought it I thought it was a good idea but it is annoying. The machine is otherwise excellent. I have been using it for two months and love the new routine and the machine. I am feeling healthy and happy.

Hi Jim,

Sorry for the late reply. I have that treadmill. If you get off it for 20 seconds or less, it does not pause. So when I have to do something off the treadmill, such as walk across the room and adjust the level of the air conditioner, I run. And then I run back, hop back on the treadmill while it's still moving (trying not to kill myself). If the speed you have it at is 1mph or less, the treadmill will not stop, no matter how long you're off it. If it's higher than 1mph it will stop if you're off it for longer than 20 seconds. As for resetting the speed once it has stopped, I, too, had read those reviews, so I was prepared for the inconvenience. It is slightly inconvenient but not a huge problem. You just click repeatedly really fast until you get back to the number you want. It takes maybe two seconds. For me these problems are nothing compared to the fact that this treadmill is giving me a lower back ache, which is so disappointing.

I have this treadmill as well and auto off is called "Intelli-Gard" and is slightly annoying but I have not been driven to turning it off yet.

As far as the lower back-pain I believe that would have to do with the height you have the desk set to...raising the desk a bit helped relieve that for me.


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