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I'd be interested in hearing about this desk from anyone using it. (I see only one post on it and it appears to be from the company.)

I like that it has the option of sitting, standing, or treadmill, all on the same desk.

If no one has used it yet, perhaps someone has used the company's other desk, the Signature 9000?

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I haven't. I did test out the Walkstation sit-to-stand desk. While large, it is excellent. It was too large for my purposes, so I bought a separate height-adjustable desk plus a Treaddesk treadmill, and can either sit or stand / walk by adjusting the height of my desk. I have the tread to one side, and my chair on the other side, with my monitor on an arm.

I would also be interested in hearing about this tread, though. I've been happy enough w/ my treadmill, but it is definitely louder than I would like.
Thanks, rockvillage!

This one is less than half the price of the Walkstation, so it may appeal to lots of people. I too would like to hear about the sound issue for this model -- since I may sometimes be on the phone or concentrating on work. Office walkers need quiet machines!
I am looking at the Sit2Stand as well.I know I could probably make something for less $$$, but I am willing to spend the money. My reasons for liking this one are;

1) I don't have room for a treadmill in addition to my office furniture,
2) I doubt I will walk all day, every day, so I still need a desk where I can sometimes sit
3) It looks like a nice piece of furniture, and appears well made

My home office is at the front of the house, just off the entry, so having something that looks really homemade isn't an option. I don't have a treadmill, so I am starting from scratch anyway. Anyone out there have one?


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