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The Holy Grail of pre-made treadmill desks

My Holy Grail:

--The belt would be at least 18" wide (preferably 20"), and be padded.
--The motor would be quiet and designed for long distances at slow speeds (which wear a normal treadmill motor out).
--The treadmill could go up to 4 miles an hour, because even though I can't type at anything above 2 mph, sometimes at the end of a workday I just want to watch some shows on hulu, and for that, I can do a very brisk walk.
--The treadmill could incline.
--The controls would be connected to the treadmill by a wire, and could be mounted far to the side, so that they wouldn't get in the way of a keyboard tray mounted underneath the desk.
--The height of the desk would, of course, be adjustable--but electronic adjustability is not necessary, as how often will I be moving it?
--And, of course, it would be cheap. By "cheap" I mean "in the neighborhood of $2000 for the complete package."

None of the premade ones have all of the features; few even have most. :(

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A separate desk & treadmill would certainly meet your adjustable desk requirement. Your treadmill requirement, though, is harder to reach. My only experience is with the TreadDesk and the Walk Station. Walk Station only comes with the desk attached, only goes up to 2 mph, & doesn't incline. But it is extremely quiet and has a good cushioning. The TreadDesk treadmill is separate from the desk, the control is connected by a wire and can be placed anywhere on your desk, and goes up to 4 MPH. Still doesn't incline, is not cushioned, and is noisier.

Let us know when you find your Holy Grail.


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