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Since hearing Susan Orlean on NPR the other day and reading her article in the latest New Yorker, I've been obsessed with whether to take the plunge to a treadmill desk setup or not. My home office is very small, so it's an all or nothing, sit or stand commitment. I know that members of this site are true believers, but do any of you know people who tried it and just didn't stick with it, and if so, why not? I joined this site this afternoon specifically to ask this question. Thanks.

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Do it!! Standing is quickly tiring, walking is not. GO for it!

Thanks for both your replies.

Hi Gretchen, can't help you but I had the exact same question. Here's another vote for one of the 29+ people who have viewed your post to give us an answer.

As for me, Orlean's article was the final nudge I needed to take the plunge. I've been reading about these for years and am convinced I will love it. Now that I'm working from home it seemed like the right time to invest, so I'll let you know if it DOESN'T work out!

Thanks, Lauren. I just reread the Orlean article and realized she has had her desk for three months- not the six years (!) I thought I had read- which I consider to still be the honeymoon period. But I may have to take the plunge just to stop obsessing about it and get on with things. I am leaning toward an electric desk that converts from sitting to standing with the push of a button and a treadmill dedicated to long hours of slow walking. Have pored over the  posts on converting  cheaper treadmills, but by the time I got to the suggestions to drill holes in the console cover and put a fan next to it to keep from over-heating, I knew this was not for me.

I have a friend who got one based on being inspired by mine. But he never fully committed to it. Still, I recently asked him how much, if at all, he uses it, and he said a 1/2 hour to an hour a day. I said, and I meant it, that that is a lot better than nothing. My advice is, as I said in my video, get a treadmill from Costco -- so you can return it if you want to, and set-up a board over the bars to test it out.

Thanks for the reply!  I think an extra half hour per day is an amazing amount of new exercise in someone's life, especially if he was sedentary before. 

Gretchen I've got mine up and working and I just love it.  Just got an Ikea desk and extended the legs to their longest position.  It's a little wobbly but CHEAP--and I can give the desk to my son if I decide I don't like it.  I'll post a picture of the setup soon.

I took the plunge and bought a setup- should be here, up and running within ten days. God, I sure hope I love it, although you can return the Lifespan treadmill within 60 days if you pay the freight back (about $200).

I wouldn't get the LIfespan T-Desk for two reasons: 1) you can't change the incline on the t-mill, and 2) it's a cheap small table, not a desk. My setup is top-o-the-line (see video) but for $200 you can get a good t-mill on eBay, then attach a board for $10, and away you go!  Do a Google Image search for "treadmill desks" and you'll find a design that suits your situation.

I'm actually using a bike-desk now since developing psoriatic arthritis . But prior to that, I was on and off the treadmill, mostly due to a heavy travel schedule. But when I was able, I'd work all day, every day. Give a go. You can get started for very little $.

One alternative might be to set up a stool so you could sit some of the time. I have read where others have done that. I thought maybe even one treadmill desk maker had a stool that worked with their treadmill desk.

Hi Gretchen,

I heard the same story on NPR and just couldn't get it out of my head. I mostly work out of my home office and just had my treadmill desk delivered today. I'm on it right now and loving it! No problems whatsoever getting my work done. I have never been able to enjoy sitting down for more than 15 minutes at a time. 

So far so good.......... 

That's great news, mine is on the way.


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