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Since hearing Susan Orlean on NPR the other day and reading her article in the latest New Yorker, I've been obsessed with whether to take the plunge to a treadmill desk setup or not. My home office is very small, so it's an all or nothing, sit or stand commitment. I know that members of this site are true believers, but do any of you know people who tried it and just didn't stick with it, and if so, why not? I joined this site this afternoon specifically to ask this question. Thanks.

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What did you get?

I took the lazy way out- a Lifespan 1200DT3 and an electrically adjustable desk from Ergodepot for quick and easy stand to sit changes.

I work a lot from home also. One thing I have noticed about working from home is that you don't have nearly the opportunity to walk.

At work it is a fairly good walk just to get to my work area and then a fairly good walk to the restroom.

Thus working from home can reduce your physical activity. Thus a walking treadmill helps bring you back to what walking you would do in the office and more.

Just a thought.


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