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Anyone buy a Tread from TreadDesk lately? Their website says it's backordered. I ordered one at the end of September, but other than the confirmation email, and the charge on my card for half of the total, I haven't heard from them.

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I bought one a few weeks ago.  Arrived in 2 weeks

I placed an order on January 1st and today January 10 I got an email with a tracking number for UPS. Expected delivery a few days from now.


I ordered on Jan 9th with a backorder ship date to customers of mid February. Today I happened to go on their website and noticed the backorder date has now changed to the end of February. No emails notifying me. Left a message with the compnay and emailed - nothing.

For anyone ordering one of these Treads in the future, please be aware that you could have it ship anywhere between 3-8 weeks depending on backorder status.

I obviously got on the wait list in the very beginning. This company has very poor customer service - and based on the posts here, they really don't seem to care about it. It also might be a "one man" operation. It seems Jerry Carr, emails, ships and returns calls.

This is a great opportunity for somone else to start a competing business and give them some competition. Obviously, there's a demand for this type of Treadmill for work stations.

It's shocking they have the corporate sponsors that they do.

Very frustrated.

I just ordered today (3/1/12), and the website says "on backorder." I'm hoping to get it by the end of the month. I go to the gym now, 5 - 6 days a week, and even have a personal trainer for an hour a week. And then I come home and just sit in front of my iMac for hours upon hours each day. I really want to just keep moving. I can adjust my Elfa desk to any height I want, to I'm ready there.

Verena - I totally understand where you're coming from. I felt the same way when I ordered my tread, gym - trainer, etc. I just wanted to keep moving. I ordered mine on Jan. 9th and was told it would ship mid Feb, then changed to end of Feb. I emailed the company last week and Jerry Carr, the owner, said mine would ship at the end of this week, March 8-9, and he'd send me an email confirmation. Fingers crossed. I'm hoping you are able to get one by the end of March. I'm not sure, but I think he orders extra Treads but I'm assuming he has to fulfill a minimum order before he submits it to Japan/China. Good luck and I'll notify the board when mine ships/arrives.

Jamie at TreadDesk told me a few days ago that mine should ship around March 15th, which sounds good. I also just ordered a FitDesk which should be arriving in a few days. I figure between the two items, I have no excuse not to be moving most of the time. I also just got a fitbit, so I can track it all.

Wow! That's great news! Check-in with the board to let us know how you like the FitDesk. I'm going to build a simple desk that attaches to the wall with L brackets. It's a simple, cheap solution.

It arrived yesterday, and my husband put it together last night. It went together very easily (there is a good YouTube video, search fitdesk assembly). It is lightweight and very, very quiet. The "desk" is made out of foam, and should be large enough for even the biggest laptop. The seat is actually pretty comfortable, much better than the seat on the bikes at the gym, that start to hurt after just a few minutes. I watched the Daily Show on my iMac last night, and pedaled the whole time on a low resistance setting, and was pretty happy with it.

My biggest gripe is that the seat can't get very high. The tube for the seat isn't very long, and has maybe 6 holes to adjust the seat height. My husband has a 36" inseam, and can't extend his legs out all the way. However, he seems to like it anyway, I caught him using it this morning.

sound awesome!

Hi everyone - quick question, my Tread (Treadesk) arrives on Tuesday and I'm making space for it this weekend. Can anyone tell me the measurement for how high the Tread (not the front with the plastic casing) sits off the floor? The website says 4.5", I'm assuming that's the front where the motor casing is - That part will fit, it's the smallest part that I need to know. I really appreciate it!



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