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Anyone buy a Tread from TreadDesk lately? Their website says it's backordered. I ordered one at the end of September, but other than the confirmation email, and the charge on my card for half of the total, I haven't heard from them.

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Please keep us posted.
Well, they've charged the other half on my credit card, and the site no longer says it is backordered. I hope it doesn't arrive while I'm out of town next week.
No other communication from the company then, I take it?
It's been shipped! Should be here Tuesday. Now I have to clear a space for it. ;-)

I've got it set up and running. Haven't quite decided what to do desk-wise. I have it in a corner, so I could mount shelves and such to the walls.

BTW, how do you pause the TreadDesk tread?

Glad to hear it worked out.

Did you figure this out? I e-mailed the company and they said I could reserve a tread that would be shipped in May. Should I do it?

Did you receive your Tread Desk yet? I was thinking about buying one and would love to know what you think of it.

Hi there. I ordered the Tread only last week. The next shipment will apparently be in May. I'll keep you posted! However, I did talk to another author who has a tread and loves it. She has pictures of it on this guest blog post she wrote a while back. She told me last week that she still has the Tread - so I ordered it:

I placed an order on May 20th, after the company told me via email that an order placed then would ship out in 2-3 weeks.  No word yet, and tomorrow will make 3 weeks, so I'll check in if I don't hear anything by tomorrow night.
You can e-mail Mr. Carr. He's very prompt about responding. I just e-mailed him yesterday and he said they're expecting the treads to arrive in the warehouse from California next week, and they'll be shipping soon thereafter. He said they were delayed as it was difficult to reserve container ships after the tsunamis in Japan. Let me know if you hear anything new!

I also placed an order on May 20th and, so far, have only received a single confirmation email of my order. The shipping info on their site says "If you only order a Tread, you should receive it within two weeks." Now, three weeks later, they've offered no update. In the last few days, I've emailed, called multiple times, and left a voice message. So far I haven't reached a live person or received a single response. I started to worry that they'd gone out of business or something. I hope the tread is better than their customer service.


By comparison, it's been a pleasure to do business with GeekDesk. They responded promptly to an email query and, separately, provided very helpful info over the phone. Once I placed the order, they provided tracking info on the delivery. Finally, the desk assembled easily, works well and, thoughtfully, came with a few extra screws and bolts. 


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