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Birthdays Tomorrow


Dear forumites,

Got my treaddesk last night, HURRAY, and I generally love it, but need your advice on a couple of things. First of all, most impt, is the interference to my computer---when the thing is on, any movement of the mouse makes the windows go crazy, dims the screen background, everything flickers, can't put the mouse cursor on any particular point of the screen, acts like an F3 mac function with windows moving all over the place.  None of this happens if I stop the tread. 


So, um, not an electrical engineer, I tried setting the mouse up higher on some books---slightly better---and then tried putting the keyboard up too, also slightly better, but this changes the oh so carefully set up ergonomics I was working out.


Any ideas? thanks--


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OK, answering my own question now, and hpe this helps someone else too: the very nice president of treaddesk answered an email about this.  Three things to do---keep hard drive away from tread (not possible for my set up); or plug tread into an outlet as far away as possible from where you plug in the computer; or get a real RF protected surge strip, not a cheezy one.  I changed the plug-in locations, and it is pretty much solved!  Hope that helps. This is great---but I would warn everyone to start slowly, take it easy---I overdid it last night and am sore today, believe it or not, at 1.1 mph an actual workout. Wow.


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