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Treaddesk owners - do you find the deck too short?

My deck is 10" longer than the treaddesks and I'm thinking of knocking 10-12" off it so that it doesn't occupy some much space and isn't so heavy.

Anyone here with a treaddesk that wishes it was a bit longer, especially those over 6 foot tall? Not sure if I'm going to regret taking the length off or not and it's a pretty much irreversible operation.


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I'm 6 feet tall, have been walking on a TreadDesk tread for a week now, and don't find it too short at all. In fact, my guess is that it could be 6-12 inches shorter and it'd still work fine (though maybe not at high speeds or when I'm distracted). The only times I use the last 10-12 inches of the tread are when I'm not using the computer and am engaged in a conversation with someone behind me. In those moments, I'm basically walking sideways and drifting a lot on the deck. Also, in case it's helpful, about 11-12 inches of the belt sits under the desk and then about another 12 inches of the motor compartment sits further under the desk. In sum, about two feet of the whole tread rests under my desk so it's not quite as obtrusive as if the whole 50 inch tread were sticking out from the desk.
I'm 6'2" and think the deck length on my treaddesk is just fine.
Sounds good, thanks for the feedback. The Treaddesk specs say the belt is 48" long. I assume that's pretty much the length you have to walk on, or does it go into the motor compartment quite a bit?

The motor shroud has a bow in the middle of it.  I just pulled out my tape measure.  It is 48" from the apex of that bow to the trailing edge of the tread.  The entire treaddesk is 58" long.  The length of the tread from the ends of the bow to the trailing edge is 45.75".  


Keep in mind that my treaddesk is an older model.  The motor shroud on the new model is shaped a little differently so that you get slightly more tread space. 

I appreciate the help Rick.


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