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Wondering if anyone out there has an idea about why the control panel on my Confidence Power Plus treadmill is not working. With all of your excellent suggestions, I set up my new treadmill to work without the hand rails. By the way, this was pretty easy---and I didn't have any trouble taking off the control panel cord to remove it from the hand rail. It replaced easily as well. I am wondering if they no longer glue it down since so many people are using the equipment without the hand rails? It did not appear to be glued down.


However, I turned on the power and the Control Panel lit up in the SAFE mode. When I attach the emergency stop magnet and pushed the on/off button to start the belt, the LED screen displayed 4 dots and dashes and the belt does not start. None of the buttons work in this mode and I can't seem to get anything but this display. Has anyone else had this problem? Would so like to get this started! CB 

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