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I followed the instructions here ( to modify a Confidence treadmill to use under a desk. I used it at work with a platform I built out of some leftover laminate boards. The platform raised my desk height by 18" to make working while walking on the treadmill viable. It worked great for a year because I had another computer on the far end of my desk that I could use when not on the treadmill desk.

Now I've moved to a new project and I need to modify my setup because I've only got one computer on my desk. I need to find some way to be able to work at my desk normally but raise up my keyboard & monitors about 18" so I can use the treadmill when I want to. I found this product:

which looks good except it's kinda pricey and only goes up 14". I guess I could raise the entire desk 4" and raise up my chair but I was hoping to do something DIY instead. Does anyone have a setup that allows them to either sit or stand without a desk that goes up and down?

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