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New here :) love your forum guys!

Does walking in a treadmill while working makes you "seasick" and isn't bad for your eyes? or doesn't it give you retinal detachment?

By the way anyone knows any good shop to buy tables and treadmill already made? in amazon most of them doesn't even ship.

I also read about fitdesk (the bycicle desk) looks like the best option on the table.

Please let me know what do you think

thank you so much for your help!

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I've tried walking desks, standing desks, elliptical desks (self built) and the favorite one I have so far is a cheap $160 under-the-desk cycle called Deskcycle:

I've heard the Smooth treadmills are good. We just bought a NordicTrack last week (C2300 ~$1000), so I can't really comment on how it will last. Here reviews about models
Everything that I've read says to make sure it has a good motor (>2.5 continuous HP) as well as a good warranty. The NordicTrack we bought has a lifetime warranty on the motor, 10 years on the frame, and a year on everything else.


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