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I am BRAND NEW to this forum.  I read the Susan Orlean New Yorker article and thought EUREKA! I am 65 (wow! how did that happen??) and have had the luxury of an un-strenuously active life for years, and only found myself behind a desk much of the time this past year.  I have nasty morning lower back pain that always gets better when I get up and moving. 

I haven't even gotten beyond the research stage of "office walking".  Today I set up my laptop on a kitchen counter - plus a "lift" it is 2" below my elbow.  I have stood easily for about 5 hours, turning a bit this way and that, stepping away and back again.  But my back has needed more stretching and I've been aware of it somewhat throughout the day. 

Does anyone else have lower back issues?  Is there any chance that walking won't help, or might exacerbate it? 

Many thanks in advance!


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> Is there any chance that walking won't help, or might exacerbate

You should probably ask a Dr. that question.  But walking is usually encouraged. I've actually had to move from a treadmill desk to a bike desk due to arthritis. The bike has less (about 1/3) impact on my knees.

I had problems with my back and hip. Walking slowly helped alleviate that pain, as did losing 30-pounds (should lose more, but that is a different story). Walking is easier than standing on my back. Standing was easier than sitting. Good luck, hope your back gets better soon. Walking should help.

Seeing my MD next week, but I did not seem to have any lingering problems from the standing, and am jumping around a lot more just to keep moving.  Shall keep you posted.  Many thanks!

I've had these problems for a long time. Stretch a lot and work on the lower abs. Do vacuums. Stretch the hip flexors every day. Open up the hips. Most importantly, level out your pelvis and consciously work on holding that posture, always. Also you need good mattress .I think when it comes to mattresses it really is personal choice, I find that I can not cope sleeping for more than one night on anything other than a memory foam mattress. I have a great one in my flat like that  If I go away and I have to sleep on a 'normal' mattress I always sleep badly and end up suffering for a few days after. I recommend that you try before you buy!!


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