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What do you think of Signature Treadmill Desk?

Hello! Anybody out there is using this treadmill? If you are, can you please tell me about your experience with this walkstation? Anybody tried it?
Thanks a lot!

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Marias - I haven't tried it as we are justing getting ready to start buying stuff, but based on recommendations I have seen and heard, the minimum belt width should be 20" and the length should be 55". We are looking at outfitiing our entire office and even though these look great they belt size is skimpy on the tread.
Thank you! What other options are you looking at? We have Steelcase but it stopped working, and we couldn't fix it. So now we are looking at Signature and others. I found Landice has one, but it does not really have desk, just a tray for the keyboard. I found a company that sells the desk only, so you can buy any treadmill you want, except that we found the desk to be too small. And I just found another company today, Instride Office, but I have not talked to them yet.
Hi, I just purchased a desk and tread from So far so good. The owner of the company, Jerry Carr, was very pleasant to work with and very patient with all my questions. I'm happy with my custom desk (motorized height adjustment) and the tread itself. Check them out.
I am walking on the treaddesk treadmill right now. (I have a different desk.)

On the plus side, it is independent of a desk so that it can be combined with any size desk you want to use, and very flexible in the placement. It is also reasonably priced IMO (since a treadmill without an attached console are hard to find). The tread size seems just fine, although perhaps a large person might find it small.

On the down side, it is not as cushioned or as quiet as the WalkStation treadmill. At normal work walking speed (1.5 mpg) the noise is fine although not ideal. And good walking shoes can take care of the cushioning issue.

In summary: not ideal, but good. I wouldn't hesitate to get this treadmill again, although if the Walkstation one was available not attached to the desk I would seriously consider that one instead.


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