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Where can I try out a treadmill desk in NYC?

I'd like to make sure I can do my work while walking, but I haven't found any places where I can try out working and walking.  any suggestions of where I could go in NYC that has a computer set up?


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I don't know specifically about NYC but some of the exercise equipment stores sometimes has treadmill desks.  I think the only specific treadmill desk store is around Seattle WA.  

thanks steve!  i called one store, but they don't have computer setups, just treadmills. I wonder how other people tried it out or whether they just bought the materials without trying it out...

I doubt many places have computer setups.  Maybe if you brought in your laptop computer (preferably with a separate keyboard and mouse) they would let you try it that way.  It might not be perfect but would give you some kind of an idea.  

I have mentioned this before but I really like my Kinesis Freestyle 2 keyboard on my treadmill desk.  It allows me to have my hands further apart than typical with most other keyboards.  I find this much more natural when on a treadmill.  

Hope you can figure it out before you buy.  I am not sure your application but even using a treadmill desk a few hours a day can make a difference.  I am guessing with your being in NYC you have limited room for both a regular desk and a treadmill desk?  

Yes, it's true about the space being limited. i'll have to look into the smaller treadmills.

you might be right about bringing a laptop with keyboard and mouse to an equipment store.  (unless anyone from new york has an idea to post here).

thanks for that keyboard advice.  


If space is limited like I think it is, I would suggest you consider splurging for a desk that is adjustable in height.  That way you can use the same desk for both sitting, standing and the treadmill.  

In my configuration I have 2 desks and monitors and go from one to the other but probably have more space than you do.  


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