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Which treadmills can have the legs/console easily removed?

I'm pretty close to buying for my home office now. Am currently thinking pretty strongly about a GeekDesk along with one of the following treadmills:

Sole S77

Smooth 7.35R

NordicTrack 1500/1750


My ideal setup will be the desk w/keyboard+mouse on it and 2 Ergotron LCD Arms for my monitors. I need a lot of space for the monitors (27" and 30"), but I'd like to make sure that I can remove the arms from the treadmill so that the treadmill is semi-out of the way. I'd like to put the console up on a shelf near the wall (right by the treadmill) ideally.


Anyone have recommendations on treadmills and know which of those can easily remove the arms/console?

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Hi - I don't know about those 3, but the Merit 725T was very easy to setup without the arms/console.

I just bought the Livestrong 7.9.   Floor model @ Dicks  $350.  Still need to get it home and mount my desk 18x44" painted plank for now.  See what I need from them.  I am thinking of a Fredrica IKEA desk $119 as an upgrade to the board.   But let me start with the board and go from there.

Just bumping this with the choice I ended up using. Ended up going with a Bodyguard T240S alongside a GeekDesk. It's a little more than I had initially planned on spending but so far so good - just got it setup today and it was super easy to install without the arms. Console is currently sitting on the floor. Overall installation took less than 20 minutes.


I'm around 6" tall, and the GeekDesk probably a *tad* short when it comes to the ideal positioning of the keyboard. I'll get a riser most likely but it's only an inch or two shorter than I'd like so for the time being it's not too bad. Walking along at an incline of 1 and a speed of 1MPH currently - will continue to post as I find out what the ideal speed is for myself.

Here's a quick snapshot of the setup:


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