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There are no birthdays today


Starting out: one week walking at work

Just moved into a new office and pulled the trigger on my dream setup. Bought a Proform CrossWalk 397 last week from Sears for $400 new.

The beauty of this machine is that the display/control component does not have to be mounted to side rails. So the problem of how to mount a desk over it is solved right out of the box. This treadmill is definitely a low-cost, low-performance machine, that you could never use for running. But reviews indicated that it's fine for walking and that's been my experience so far. Its small deck is sufficient for this purpose and actually an advantage in my cramped office. Finally, it is a lot cheaper than specialty office treadmills that lack side rails. That aesthetic point was important to me.

I have ordered a nice adjustable standing desk (another $400 or so) that will go over it permanently. That desk will have multiple shelves and a keyboard tray. I plan to remove the display/control component from its housing and put it in a drawer. I'll post pictures when that phase is done.

In five work days I have walked over 9 miles---just answering email and making phone calls. The first couple days were an adjustment physically, but I am surprised by how good I feel. Attention and energy dramatically higher. I had been using a standing desk a little bit every day previously, but, for me, standing still and sitting are BOTH MUCH, MUCH more fatiguing than walking at 1.2 MPH for, say half the day. (The rest of my day I'm running to meetings, where we all sit).

I lurked on here for years before taking the plunge. I want to thank everybody for their contributions, especially photos: it was all helpful and inspiring.

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Comment by James Endres Howell on April 12, 2013 at 10:36am

The ProForm CrossWalk 397 (mine, above) and the 395 are identical but for the graphics on the display. Sears puts them both on sale for ~$400 fairly often.

Comment by James Endres Howell on April 12, 2013 at 10:37am

No trouble at all walking while typing and mousing.


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