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Last week I walked a total of about 32 miles in six days, so that is averaging more than 5mi a day. I have started increasing the incline a bit. Not so much that I notice it, but the calorie counter eats more calories that way. I have no idea if the calories counter is accurate, but it doesn't really matter, since I'm only really keeping an eye on mileage and that just for self-encouragement.

I still haven't got the table top cut. It is a formica-ed piece of very heavy particle board, and we want to have the right blade and tool to cut it, otherwise it might chip badly. I did pick up a couple of T-legs from a restaurant equipment place ($30 ea, new) and now I need to get a couple of pipes from Home Depot and maybe some threaded rod so I can make it the height I need. The extended (bar table height) pipes they sell at the restaurant store actually cost more than the T-legs themselves, so I figure Home Depot would be cheaper.

I also have my eye on a wallmount arm on Amazon, with which to affix the monitor to the bookcase.

Now while a pound a week doesn't sound like much, I'm not "suffering" in any way -- I've not changed my diet, nor am I straining muscles, no huffing, no puffing or working up a sweat (oh -- a couple of times just for fun I'll jack the speed up to a brisk walk when I'm only watching a video, but nothing Bataan Death March.)  In another 2months at this rate, I'll have lost my goal of 10 lbs, without feeling any sacrifice.

Off the treadmill, I walk faster, and feel more like my regular active self. This was a great idea and worth the money: I feel like I'm saving my life, long term.

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