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Ah well i did not walk much yestrday on the tread i for sure walked alot into office and back home but well yeah my feet convinced me that walking on the tread sucks to hard after a real walk so i just did two rounds a 100 minutes at 2,5km/h -> 8 km.

anyway i checked weight today, 119kg :( ok yes i also remember being tired the whole week and eating like 3 meals maybe i just should sleep more and eat less to make it have more effect.


anyway dear sean aka Day[9] , inventor of "the number J" *pose of adoration*, you ever read this, you are the man!

btw. it was @ the teamliquid forums i first read about the idea of walking while playing sc2.

for everyone who does not know this guy, imagine a real time strategy game that became national sports in southkorea,

a computergame so intense, fascinating and balanced that even after ten years, the over aged grafix was broadcasted into every home for entertainment purposes, the players on top were heros. This game was starcraft broodwar.

Sean aka Day[9] is bascally said a analyst for maps, games, strategies, caster and commentator for a few years already. With the launch of Starcraft 2 in 2010, Esports was kind of catapulted to the next level and this guy just had a frickin daily about everything from the beta day 0 on (ok some early episodes were before the beta related to broodwar, but i believe with sc2 he also had his kickoff...), so everyone in the slightest related or connected to that scene, should know him.

His 100th daily is a legendary broadcast for him showing so much emotion when talking about his life as a gamer with starcraft. but you really should check that thing out and even if just for entertainment purposes.

ok enough nerdgasm for now :).


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