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ok yesterday the silicone lubricant arrived. that stuff is sick i can tell! everything that had contact with it became slippery. socks, my hands, the belt on my tread ! gosh that thing really got silent when not walking on it you can't tell if the machine is on or not, there is not even a whisper. <3 !

ok but my feet convinced me to just make 200 minutes yesterday so that is around 8,5 kms @ 2,5 km/h

i went home showered and noticed how good the shower felt on my feet i then switched to a fullscale bath and set the showerhead to massage - WHAT a relief! i don't know how long that bath took but the water already kind of cooled a bit when i went out.

my feet feel great today, let's see how long, lunchbreak soon, no ache yet and the first 100 minutes pass by soon.

i think i should take such a bath more often the next days.

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Comment by stebboko on June 15, 2011 at 5:47am

So which lubricant did you end up buying? Weren't you the guy who bought the wax earlier?

Comment by nerdycoder on June 15, 2011 at 6:19am

nope, no wax. <- that one

well it is described as industry silicone lubricant spray with several uses, one of them is increasing the lifespan of treads.


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