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No pictures yet, because I haven't got my set-up the way I like it yet, just making do for the timebeing.

At present, I have a couple of pieces of foam pipe insulation on the side handles, and then a wire shelf sitting on those. My laptop sits on that, cushioned by a fleece scarf which I fold over the edge of the laptop. This allows my wrists to slide a bit as I walk, but my fingers remain stable on the keys. There is vibration/movement from the treadmill, but it is workable. However, I'm going to cut down the kidney/boomerang table top to replace the shelf as soon as I have some kind of sturdy way for it to sit on the floor and not on the treadmill arms.

I got a 19" monitor off of craigslist and have that set at eye level on a bookshelf for now, but plan to either suspend it from the ceiling or get a wall mount arm and affix it to the side of my bookcase, once I have the keyboard desk finally built.

The first day I worked at the treadmill, I only had the laptop, and the combination of looking down at a jiggling screen and the smaller size, was making me a little motion sick. I'm one of those people who cannot read in a car. Getting the monitor which is completely unattached to and unaffected by the treadmill made a big difference.I walk anywhere from1.5 - 2 mph, and usually go for about an hour at a time. Then it is time to take a break.

One of the things I like about working while walking or walking while working, is that I stay warm. Before sitting sitting sitting, my hands and then the rest of me would get so cold, because my blood was not circulating much.

So now the main thing is to find a couple of sturdy table bases -- maybe like bar height restaurant table bases. If I can get them tall enough. They need to be a minimum of 44" tall.

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