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I first read of the treadmill desk in 2008 and purchased one in 2009. At the time there were only 2 manufacturers - TreadDesk and the Walkstation by Steelcase. After a close comparison, I decided to go with the TreadDesk, mainly due to the price. We have since purchased 4 more for our offices and I then had to have one at my home as well. To say that they have improved the health of those that use them would be quite the understatement. Not only has everyone that uses them lost weight, they are in better moods, they are more creative, alert and I have also noticed a gradual increase in their productivity. So the benefits are far reaching and go way beyond weight loss.

Since our first purchase, the treadmill portion has been very reliable and quiet. We had to replace our first belt last year which after approximately 5,200 miles was understood. We will probably need to replace the motor later this year or next which I think is acceptable as well considering the amount of use. We have not had to do anything with the other 5 units yet other than standard maintenance of keeping them clean and lubricating the belt a couple of times a year. Overall I'm very pleased with the treadmill portion it is simple to use, quiet and dependable.

The adjustable height desk portion of the TreadDesk has been flawless. They are very sturdy, stable and have a height range up to 52" which is great since we have an employee who is 6'5". Ergonomically the desk fits him ideal which was a concern early on. I even had the desk at my home custom built (84" x 32") and TreadDesk does not charge extra for that which was great.  

If you are just now looking at purchasing a treadmill desk, go for it. Ours have changed lives. I have seen the mindset of many of our employees change and we now have a culture of wellness in our offices whereas before no one ever thought about health and wellness at work. I would highly recommend a treadmill desk to anyone that is stuck in the office all day, they work!

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